FORT CARSON, Colo.---The 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson commanding general swore in more than 80 future Soldiers and re-enlisted approximately 20 Soldiers during a new recruit ceremony at Iron Horse Park June 19.

The future Soldiers and their recruiters from the Denver Recruiting Battalion participated in the ceremony during the final day of Iron Horse Week to inform the public and raise awareness of the recruiting opportunities within the Colorado Springs community.

Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins, 4th Inf. Div. and Fort Carson commanding general, said it was an honor to issue the oath of enlistment.

"You are now dedicating your life to the service of others; you are dedicating your life to the service of this nation. The future of our nation depends on young Americans like you joining the Army," Perkins told the recruits standing in formation, waiting to take the oath of enlistment. "Our nation was born on the shoulders of Soldiers back in 1775. That tradition has continued on, and you are an integral part of the fabric of this nation."

Gabriel Ocampo, a new recruit who enlisted at the ceremony and is slated to attend Basic Combat Training in September at Fort Benning, Ga., said he lost 45 pounds in two months to be eligible to join the Army.

"I lost the weight by eating right and working out," said Ocampo, who enlisted as an infantryman. "I do my best and keep on going."

Louise Donnelly, a future Soldier who will attend training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., in August, said she hopes to become a land combat electronic missile system repairer, and wants to be stationed outside Colorado for her first duty station.

"I love the recruiting program. It is great," said Donnelly. "The recruiters get us together every Thursday, and we do physical training. We meet with one another and get to work together."

Donnelly said that, like many of the future Soldiers that she met at the Denver Military Entrance Processing Station, she was grateful for the opportunity to get a glimpse of what life is like on a military installation.

Donnelly also credited her recruiters for helping prepare the new recruits for military life.

"This is a great and honorable event," said Capt. Robert Rodriquez, adjutant, Denver Recruiting Bn., 5th Recruiting Brigade. "The future Soldier ceremony, swearing in with the oath of enlistment, is exciting."

Upon raising their right hands and completing the oath of enlistment, the Soldiers had lunch at Wolf Dining Facility and toured the 52nd Engineer Battalion barracks to get a sample of their future living conditions.

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