Sgt. Brenda Davis, administrative noncommissioned officer in charge, Fort Bragg Garrison Headquarters, shows off her birthday cake and card delivered by Fort Bragg Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Even after a six-year career in the Army, nothing like this had ever happened to Sgt. Brenda Davis.

She was at work, serving as the Fort Bragg Garrison Headquarters administrative noncommissioned officer in charge, when Sgt. James Soto and Spc. Joshua Godwin walked into her office. The two Soldiers weren't there for administrative help; they were there to deliver some cakes and sing "Happy Birthday."

Soto is the president of the Fort Bragg Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, and Godwin is his vice president. BOSS has partnered up with the United Service Organizations of North Carolina for their Birthday Cake Program.

"We deliver birthday cakes and cards to single Soldiers who are sergeant and below," explained Soto, who isn't just the president of BOSS but is also a member. "The BOSS representatives from each unit tell us which of their Soldiers' birthdays is coming up, and we send those names to the USO."

Soto said the BOSS representatives are encouraged to get the Soldiers' name from their respective administration offices. This way the Soldiers are surprised when a cake is personally delivered during their birthday months.

After the USO gets the names, the cakes are purchased and individually boxed for delivery. The maximum number of cakes delivered each month is 100, so it is on a first-come-first-served basis.
"We have done two cake drops so far," Soto said. "The first one we delivered 15 cakes, and the second we gave out 44. Our goal is to be able to give out all 100 every month."

The Soldiers receiving cakes are also given birthday cards signed by the Fort Bragg Garrison command sergeant major, Command Sgt. Maj. Sultan A. Muhammad.

"It's not just a stamp," said Godwin. "It's his actual signature. The garrison command recognized that single Soldiers are under a lot of pressure because they don't get to go home to a Family every night."

The sergeant major also tries to make the cake delivery rounds with Soto and Godwin, and if Muhammad cannot make it, he sends a representative to ensure that his Soldiers understand that someone is thinking about them.

"This is just a way to brighten a Soldier's day," Godwin said. "Everyone really seems to enjoy getting a cake for their birthday."

Davis received her cake to celebrate her 31st birthday.

"This was a really nice gesture. I think it will help motivate Soldiers," Davis stated. "It's nice to be remembered on your birthday, especially if you are away from Family."

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