Garrison gets new top noncommissioned officer
Outgoing garrison sergeant major, Command Sgt. Maj. Robin Sheehan receives the garrison command's guidon and prepares to hand it to Col. David Fox, left, who will then pass it on to incoming Command Sgt. Maj. Sultan Muhammad, second from left, signifying a change of responsibility for both sergeants major. Muhammad replaces Sheehan as the garrison command's senior noncommissioned officer.

Command Sgt. Maj. Sultan A. Muhammad began his first day as Fort Bragg's new garrison command sergeant major Friday by saying thank you. He thanked the Soldier he replaced for helping him get settled and he thanked the command for welcoming him.

Muhammad received the garrison colors from outgoing garrison sergeant major, Command Sgt. Maj. Robin D. Sheehan in a ceremony, Friday at the Soldier Support Center's Memorial Hall. Sheehan is set to leave Fort Bragg after spending the last three years as garrison command's top noncommissioned officer.

The change of responsibility ceremony, as it is called for NCOs, was hosted by Fort Bragg Garrison Commander Col. David G. Fox, who relinquished his command Monday in a ceremony at the Main Post Parade Field.

Fox said he found it hard finding words to describe what Sheehan meant to him as a commander.

"This is really a bittersweet day as I say good-bye to my stick buddy, Sergeant Major Sheehan and welcome Sergeant Major Muhammad," he said. "We're saying goodbye to a great noncommissioned officer and sergeant major and we're welcoming an equally talented noncommissioned officer.

"Fort Bragg houses about 55,000 Soldiers and when you take in retirees, that number jumps to about 300,000," Fox said. "The garrison plays a large role in taking care of those Soldiers, Families and the retirees and their Families." He pointed out that Sheehan played a pivotal role in that responsibility. He said many times he would not see her for several days, but he was sure she was taking care of her duties as garrison sergeant major.

"She would design her PT routes so that she could run around the post and take a look at different areas," said Fox, a Special Forces officer. "She was out there working with the sergeants major, working with Families and working with Soldiers all day long, seven days a week.

"She made my life so much easier in so many different ways, that it's tough to tell you. She is the epitome of a professional Soldier and sergeant major ... Sergeant major, thank you for what you have done and whatever happens to me in the future is because of you," he said.

Fox then welcomed the Muhammad Family to the community, pointing out that Command Sgt. Maj. Muhammad is "absolutely the right person for the job."

"You have Fort Bragg experience, multiple deployments," he said. "You know what Families and Soldiers go through. You know what their needs are at Fort Bragg. You are absolutely the perfect man for the job."

Sheehan also thanked Fox for the opportunity and she thanked the Soldiers and civilians in attendance for their support.

"You know how much I appreciate your support for me and my Family, but most of all what you've done for all others, your Soldiers, your Families and the civilians here at Fort Bragg," she said. "The relationship we've established over the years will last for years to come."
Muhammad commended Sheehan as well.

"Thank you for doing a tremendous job in bringing me in," he said to his predecessor. "You've done an excellent job of motivating me and you've done an excellent job of having patience with me. I thank you for that and if you ever need anything here at Fort Bragg, you are always an honorary member here."

Muhammad's deployments include Operation Hurricane Mitch, El Salvador, Operation Enduring Freedom III and two deployments supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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