Roller derby: North Georgia takes down Bollweevil Bruisers
Jammer Mindy Boline, (a.k.a M. Kickin`some) Air Force spouse, tries to force her way through North Georgia's wall.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (July 24, 2014) -- They still skate under wild names, stop opponents with booty blocks and laugh off rink rash, but the local Enterprise roller derby team -- primarily made up of military spouses and active-duty Soldiers -- was ready to rumble July 19 against the North Georgia Roller Girls in a bout at the Enterprise Fun Factory.

And even though the girl's determination and strength didn't pay off for the win that night -- North Georgia took the game, 126-103 -- they did learn a lot about their techniques.

"I love being on this team. We really put into practice what we have been working on and it was a rough game, but no one backed down," said Kelli Barton, (a.k.a. Kelli KaPOWski) Army spouse. "Everyone is stepping up and that makes a difference in how we play and how the game plays out."

Both teams started strong on defense with each set of jammers finding it tough to break through the opposition walls, but a North Georgia player found the penalty box just fine after a forearm foul, but she was joined shortly after by a Bruiser.

The resounding theme of the game was the penalty box, with referees sending player after player from both teams to the box for foul after foul. During several jams, there were three, and once four, players in the box, and once both jammers in the box, leaving no one to score on the rink.

It was the North Georgia's defense that proved the stronger, though, and the resulting power jams allowed the visitors to build up an early 54-27 lead.

The Bruisers ran a three-jammer rotation, including "E V Uh Oh" who gave North Georgia blockers headaches all night long, but unfortunately it wasn't enough in the long haul.

The Bruisers had a chance to close the gap when a penalty by North Georgia handed them a power jam of their own, but battling their way back would take more than a blocking-to-the-back penalty, and they failed to capitalize as their own jammer was sent to the penalty box.

North Georgia went into halftime leading 75-37 and stretched that lead to 104-53 with roughly 15 minutes remaining in the bout.

North Georgia struggled after the break, with Enterprise picking up 12 points with no reply. However, effective jamming by North Georgia, combined with strong offensive play, got them scoring again and they extended their lead to 107-65.

That's when the Bruisers mounted a late surge to get back into the bout, but the rally fell 23 points short.

"We played a really good game and we continue to improve in every bout," said Maj. Mellissa Sprague, (a.k.a. Amelia Evilhart) 23rd Flying Training Squadron, 58th Special Operations Wing, 58th Operations Group. "We had some good strategies and the entire second half we came back stronger. It is a fun time, win or lose."

Although the game was a rowdy one, the girls left it all on the floor to take a group photo after the game before heading out to enjoy some karaoke.

The Bollweevil Bruisers next home bout is Aug. 16 against the North Shore Roller Girls.

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