Treat America, CK kiosks offer convenience to Arsenal food service customers
Tobaris Holmes uses the Treat America kiosk to purchase lunch at the food service area in Bldg. 350. Treat America's cashless system encourages patrons to use a pre-charged Company Kitchen (tm) or "CK" card to buy their meals with a 10 percent discount.

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, ILL -- (April 15, 2014) It's one o'clock and the Treat America food service enterprise on the sixth floor of Bldg. 350 is winding down for the day.

Camellia Austin, site manager for Treat America, is having a bit of a tough day. There are problems with Internet connectivity for the two touch-screen kiosks that allow customers to pay for their food, and one of the kiosks has a malfunctioning printer, so patrons can't retrieve their receipts.

Austin describes the problems as a short term "teething" issue. She breaks off her conversation to make certain the remaining customers are able to pay for their order. The kiosks have been operating with little trouble for about a week, and are expected to be trouble free when the food court in Bldg. 60 reopens later in April.

Austin said the kiosks are generally easy to use, and offer options for busy customers -- especially the "grab-and-go" items that are available in hours when the hot-food operation isn't operating.

The kiosk operations are straightforward. Customers go to the kiosk, and are offered a series of tabs for today's specials, breakfast, the grill and other items. They make their selections and then go to one of the service counters where they interact with the cook and pick up their food. Ordering is as simple as touching the selection on the screen and either swiping a debit card, or using the "Company Kitchen" or "CK" card available at any of the Treat America food service operations in buildings 350, 212 or 60.

Austin said there is a 10-percent discount for using the CK card at the kiosks, which also accept credit and debit cards.

"They have to go to our website to register their card," Austin said. "Once they get there, the instructions are really easy."

Customers register their card by going to the website at and following the button-driven instructions.

Once the card is registered, customers can load funds into their CK accounts either at the website, or directly at one of the CK kiosks.

An additional function allows customers to go to the kiosks and register a thumbprint. They can then pay simply by making a selection and touching their thumb to the designated portion of the CK kiosk's touch screen.

CK retains no information regarding an individual's credit card number or other personal information. Adding money to an account is similar to buying something from an on-line retailer.

Austin said customers will see a fresh new look when they visit the food court in Bldg. 60. A grand opening, with a ribbon cutting ceremony, promotions and giveways, is set for May 6.

"The Kava Café, the coffee shop, has moved into the main food court to the north of the beverage station," she said. "We've done a little remodeling, and people will see fresh paint and a different look." The colors used are a rough match to the subdued green/orange used on the CK kiosks.

"There will be menu boards at each station to help people make their selections," Austin said. "The taco station will see some changes. While we'll continue to have tacos and similar items in there, it won't be full time. Some of the time it will serve barbecue and pulled pork. We think that's going to be very popular."

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