CAMP HUMPHREYS -- The Korean Service Corps, known as the "A-Frame Army" for its outstanding work and sacrifice during the Korean War, recently proved the current version is ready to fight alongside the U.S. and Republic of Korea armies when needed.

The KSC was founded on July 26, 1950 under a Presidential Emergency Decree by Syngman Ree, then leader of the Republic of Korea, in response to an urgent request for manpower by Gen. Walton Walker, then the Eighth U.S. Army commanding general. The Civilian Transportation Corps, as the KSC was originally known, consisted of civilians who were drafted under an Emergency Mobilization Order.

Although their primary mission is to support the U.S. and ROK armies during wartime, the current KSC employees perform a multitude of missions that impact the community each day. For example, they may be driving a bus, issuing TA-50 at the Central Issue Facility, or delivering furniture to the barracks, among the many jobs they perform.

The local unit, the 22nd KSC Company, conducted its annual mobilization exercise Feb. 19, where they established a Mobilization Station and unit members rehearsed their station operations with the KSC Battalion staff, Pyeongtaek mobilization station commanders and cadres, in order to demonstrate the station?'s capability to key leaders, VIPs, and supported units.

"This event is an opportunity to exercise use of our regional Wartime Host Nation Support Facility and provides the KSC Battalion an opportunity to rehearse our plan and execution," said Chon In-sop, commander of the 22nd KSC Company.

Set up at the Pyongil Elementary School, where the designated mobilization stations were installed, the KSC Corps manned each station and demonstrated how to inprocess a person that is being mobilized.

Chin Chi-hyon, assigned to the unit, said they have all the capabilities to support during both armistice and wartime.

"We conduct this exercise every year," he said, "and, each year, we are getting better. I am confident we will be able to support both U.S. and ROK forces when they need us."

After a briefing and tour of each MOB station, participants were offered a ROK Army-style meal for lunch.

Chon said that they are fully coordinated with their ROK Army counterpart.

"The KSC is a 'Go-To-War' paramilitary organization and we are fully trained to provide support to U.S. and ROK forces," he said.

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