WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The 1st Battalion, 362nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Task Force Renegades, 5th Armored Brigade, recently deployed an Operational Readiness Evaluation team to the National Capital Region to conduct an evaluation on the North Dakota Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment 26-30 Aug.

The Renegades, working in conjunction with the South Carolina Army National Guard's 263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, conducted the evaluation on the battalion's ability to conduct tactical and maintenance operations while they execute mission in the National Capital Region -- Integrated Air Defense Systems mission, utilizing short-range air and missile defense to protect key assets within the NCR.

This ORE was the first opportunity that the Renegade battalion had to interact and evaluate the 1-188th ADA since the completion of their Culminating Training Event this past June.

"The battalion was one of the best battalions to complete a CTE with our battalion as evaluators, and continued to prove to us that they remained proficient in all aspects of their operations, even here in the NCR." said Master Sgt. Steven P. Flack, TF Renegade senior observer controller/trainer.

The mission is also unique for the 1-188th because this is the first opportunity the battalion has had to actually conduct the mission compared to other short-range Air Defense Artillery battalions, who have conducted this mission on multiple rotations.

The battalion's leadership understands that it is also important to take advantage of their location by conducting professional development training with all members of the battalion and learn about their area of operations, not just in relation to the mission at hand. Many members of the battalion have never been to the NCR and enjoy the opportunities they have to visit monuments and learn about the history of the nation's capital.

"Even in deployed locations such as Afghanistan or Iraq, we as the active component Army, understand that it is important to learn about the history of our deployed locations and take advantage of what we can see while we are deployed," said Master Sgt. Donald J. Keith, TF Renegade senior observer controller/trainer. I am happy to see that the 1-188th ADA Bn. is doing that while they are up here on their mission."

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