• Dinkelsbuehl hosts a historical play called Kinderzeche every year.

    Kinderzeche Dinkelsbuehl

    Dinkelsbuehl hosts a historical play called Kinderzeche every year.

  • The Kaltenberg Knight's Tournament is a popular medieval event drawing thousands of visitors every year.

    Kaltenberg Knight's Tournament

    The Kaltenberg Knight's Tournament is a popular medieval event drawing thousands of visitors every year.

  • U.S. Ambassadors of Music visit the beautiful town of Rothenburg every summer.

    Ambassadors of Music

    U.S. Ambassadors of Music visit the beautiful town of Rothenburg every summer.

  • The Fraenkisches Freilandmuseum, an open air museum in Bad Windsheim, features many rebuilt historical buildings and offers acitivities and events throughout the year.

    Fraenkisches Freilandmuseum

    The Fraenkisches Freilandmuseum, an open air museum in Bad Windsheim, features many rebuilt historical buildings and offers acitivities and events throughout the year.

Kinderzeche in Dinkelsbühl
The Kinderzeche in Dinkelsbühl, a historical play and parade that tells how a group of children saved the town from being plundered by the Swedish Army in 1632, is scheduled for July 25 -- 27. Theater plays, parades, Swedish army camps and plenty of other entertainment are taking place inside the walls of the historical city. A detailed program scheduled is available at www.kinderzeche.de

Bürgerfest Schwabach
Schwabach is celebrating its Bürgerfest, a citizens' fest, on July 25 through 27 with live music, cultural events and lots of food and beverages; Sunday is also "open shop Sunday" from 1 -- 6 p.m. To learn more, go to www.buergerfest-schwabach.de

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier
The annual knights and jousting tournament at Kaltenberg castle in Geltendorf takes place on July 25 - 27. More than a thousand traveling artists, jugglers and vagrants turn the castle into a medieval scene; "living" workshops show the ancient arts of the Middle Ages. More information is available at www.ritterturnier.de; online tickets can be purchased at www.kaltenbergticket.de or the ticket hotline at 0180 - 6 11 33 13.

Museum summer fest at Freilandmuseum - Bad Windsheim
The annual summer fest of the open air museum in Bad Windsheim takes place on July 26 and 27; highlights include guild parades and demonstrations of different historical crafts. For more information go to www.freilandmuseum.de

Altstadtfest Leutershausen:
The annual Altstadtfest in Leutershausen takes place downtown on July 26 and 27; the official fest opening ceremony is conducted by the mayor at 6 p.m. on Saturday. The entertainment includes art exhibitions, sports events and live music. For a detailed program, go to the city's event site at http://daten2.verwaltungsportal.de/dateien/seitengenerator/altstadtfest_programm_a4_2.pdf

Klassik Open Air: Concert with family in Nürnberg
For many years the classic open air concerts at the Luitpoldhain in Nürnberg have been an event where family and friends get together to sit and enjoy music and a picnic "al fresco." This year's dates are July 27 at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. and August 9 at 8 p.m. The event is free and especially intended for people who might not normally listen to classical music. As there are about 100.000 people attending this event, it is definitely recommended to use public transportation. The orchestras, the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg (July 27) and the Nürnberger Symphoniker (Aug. 9) will play in (almost) any weather, unless there is a storm or other very inclement weather. To learn more go to www.klassikopenair.de

Handwerker- and Bauernmarkt -- Obernzenn
A crafts and farmers' market is scheduled for Sunday, July 27, in the historical downtown area and the park of the blue castle of Obernzenn. The market offers local clubs, crafters and their products from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. There will be guided tours of the blue castle, folk dancing, traditional and classical music to round off the event; to learn more, go to www.vk-kreis-nea.t3-kundenserver.de

German School Break
The summer break in Bavaria starts on July 30 and ends on September 15; the children in Baden-Wuerttemberg have to wait a day longer. Expect heavy traffic and long traffic jams, especially on the Autobahns going south and coming back during that time. For current traffic updates go to www.bayerninfo.de (in English), www.adac.de/reise_freizeit/verkehr , www.verkehrsinfo.de or www.verkehrsinformation.de

U.S. Ambassadors of Music in Rothenburg
Every year, young musicians from the United States travel to Franconia to please an attentive audience with their concerts as "Ambassadors of Music." Another highlight is the "Sound of America," where students of music from various U.S. states meet for a concert stopover in Rothenburg during their European Tour.
Concert dates are the following:
• Saturday, July 26: Ambassadors of Music New England at Market Square at 2 p.m. and at Heilig-Geist-Kirche (Holy Ghost Church) at 4 p.m.
• Tuesday, July 29: Ambassadors of Music Virginia at Market Square at 2 p.m.
• Friday, Aug. 1: Ambassadors of Music California at Market Square at 2 p.m. and at Franciscan Church at 4 p.m.
For further information please contact the Rothenburg Tourismus Service, Marktplatz 2 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 09861- 404-800.

"Sommer in der City" -- Beach feeling in Nürnberg
The Nürnberg city beach is open again on Insel Schütt (near Cinecitta movie theater). Enjoy folding beach chairs, cocktails and music, palm trees and a pool bar from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, all the way to July 27. To learn more, go to www.sommer-in-der-city.com

Bike and Music Weekend - Geiselwind
A Bike and Music Weekend is scheduled for July 31 until August 3 at the Event Zentrum Geiselwind. Entertainment includes bike stunts, drag car races, American cars and burn- outs. For program and other details, go to www.bike-and-music-weekend.de

Bardentreffen in Nürnberg
The popular annual Nürnberg Bardentreffen, a "bards' meet" for singers and songwriters takes place in various locations, like the Hauptmarkt, Insel Schütt, St. Katharina, Lorenzer Platz, Sebalder Platz, Kreuzigungshof and Trödelmarkt on August 1-3; the musical spectrum ranges from Classic Rock to Pop and Jazz and Avant Garde or Cabaret type performances. For more information go to www.bardentreffen.de

Blues- & Jazzfestival - Bamberg
After seven successful years, the admission-free Blues and Jazz Festival Bamberg is hosted again this year from Aug. 1 through 17 in various locations, like Maxplatz or Gabelmann, featuring 70 national and international bands. For details contact the Stadtmarketing Bamberg e.V. (Obere Königstraße 1) in Bamberg at 0951- 20 10 30, info@stadtmarketing-bamberg.de or go to the website at http://blues-jazz-festival-2013.mybamberg.de/home/

Mittelalterfest in Herzogenaurach:
The city of Herzogenaurach puts on its medieval gown on Aug. 2 and 3 for the annual medieval fest; meet knights and noble citizens, or jugglers and market folks in the historical city. Official market opening time is 11 a.m. on Saturday; Sunday will also feature open stores downtown from 1 through 6 p.m. All activities are admission-free. To learn more, go to www.herzogenaurach.de

Nürnberg Zoo celebrates 75 years
The Nürnberger Tiergarten, famous for its landscaping between centuries-old trees and sandstones, celebrates 75 years at the Schmausenbuck, its current location, with many events throughout the year. To learn more, visit www.tiergarten.nuernberg.de.

Da Vinci exhibition in Nürnberg
After touring through San Francisco, Tokyo, Moscow, Washington, Kapstadt and Brussels the traveling exhibition "Da Vinci -- The Genius" is coming to Nürnberg. More than 200 copies of his work can be seen at the Nürnberg Quelle Facility (Fürther Strasse 205) between April 12 and Aug. 10. The exhibition is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To learn more, visit www.tourismus.nuernberg.de.

Volksmarch in Franken
The hiking season is in full swing in Franconia and other parts of Germany; a Volksmarch or Wandertag is a good way to get out and exercise at your own pace. Participants can typically choose from 5/6k, 10k or 20k distances, sometimes even farther; hikers don't start all at once, but within a certain time frame and cover the chosen distance at their own pace. Food and refreshments are sold on location and on the way, and registration is possible on site. It is recommended to check the link with details of the hike or contact the listed POC for exact starting times, updates and detailed location information. For other locations within Germany also check the website www.dvv-wandern.de.

Volksmarches in Franconia:
• August 2 and 3: Oberdachstetten (6, 10, 20k) - Wanderfreunde Oberdachstetten, 09845-987420, ch-moll@web.de. Start: 6 a.m. -- 1 p.m. at Rezattalhalle, Schulstr. 5, 91617 Oberdachstetten; http://www.dvv-wandern.de/files/documents/ausschreibungen_wandertage/fr/2014/august_oberdachstetten.pdf (with English information)

German-American Hiking Club Ansbach
The German-American Hiking Club Ansbach travels to a different Volksmarch destination almost every weekend. Often they take the train together, sometimes a bus is hired for the group. If you are interested in joining them for some of their activities, contact the president at 0160-9386-0081, or join them for their regular meeting, which takes place every other Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. (in odd weeks) at the Gaststätte Lehenshof (Uzstrasse 19) downtown Ansbach (behind the Greek restaurant).

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