KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- TKS has begun offering an "AFN digital" service pack at all barracks/single Soldier quarters in U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr on Tower and Rose Barracks.

Existing analog AFN cable television broadcasts will be permanently decommissioned in those locations, and will be phased-out during the month of July. (Note: This information only applies to barracks and single Soldier quarters; there is no impact, for example, on family housing.)

As a goodwill gesture to the military communities in Germany, TKS has provided analog AFN television services at all U.S. Army barracks and single Soldier quarters completely free of charge since 1999.

With the rollout of its modern television platform in barracks, TKS will renew its commitment to single Soldiers by providing the latest in digital television technology with enhanced audio video quality and digital features.

When AFN eventually makes the changeover to high-definition broadcasts for example, it will be possible to seamlessly integrate those HD broadcasts into the barrack's AFN channel pack.

The AFN digital service pack includes all existing SD (standard-definition) AFN channels, the Pentagon Channel, and AFN Sports HD. The service can be requested at any TKS Shop with immediate same-day activation, no house call is required.

AFN digital service remains free-of-charge, there is no monthly fee for the actual AFN television programming; however, a compatible digital receiver is required to tune in.

Barracks residents interested in watching AFN can obtain a digital receiver at their local TKSShop, the devices are available to lease for 11.84 euros per month (9.95 euros with VAT).

As an added bonus, local residents will also receive a month of TKS's premium digital cable TV service free-of-charge along with any request for the AFN digital service pack.

Soldiers will be able to tune in with our compliments to an expanded channel lineup of over 90 cable networks that includes popular high-definition U.S. channels such as Starz and Encore HD, MLB Network HD, NFL Network HD, Speed HD'and many others.

Additional information about AFN digital service can be obtained at any TKSShop located in your local Exchange facility.

AFN digital service pack includes:
Standard-definition digital channels
AFN family
AFN movie
AFN news
AFN prime Atlantic
AFN prime Pacific
AFN Program Guide
AFN spectrum
AFN sports
AFN xtra
Pentagon Channel

High-definition digital channels
AFN Sports HD

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