Have you navigated to the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall website at www.army.mil/jbmhh lately?

Those who use the site on a regular basis may notice there have been a few changes to the site over the past few months.

"The website has always been hosted on the Army CORE system, which is basically a content management system where you're able to plug-and-play content, insert photos, stories and links and share with other units," explained Brian K. Parker, JBM-HH public affairs specialist. He said the CORE system has been used by JBM-HH for a few years, but it's now getting a facelift.

The joint base website is up and running, but it's still evolving, Parker said. "It's a work in progress and changes are made to the website almost daily," he said.

"Since we are a joint base, we want to ensure our Marines are incorporated into our digital footprint," he said.

"With that said, there have been some changes in what content we put out, and the layout of the website. The layout is important from a user experience standpoint. We want people to go to our website, easily find the information they need and have an experience where they want to come back."

The website is facilitated by the Network Enterprise Center (NEC), by information technology professionals; however, Parker also provides content to the website.

"NEC created and controls what we call sub-pages," he pointed out from the gray navigation bar on the left of the home page.

Additions to the website's home page include a digital bulletin, which includes news items; Family readiness and traffic, roads and grounds information. This information is also published in the joint base bulletin each Monday by a public affairs specialist. "We take that content, segment it and put it into these different categories on the website," Parker explained.

Also, if there is a big event being held on JBM-HH, the information can be updated as needed.

Other changes to the site include different headings, for example, there is a news heading -- which will always include items specific to JBM-HH, and includes stories from the Pentagram. Another section created is "Around the DoD."

"This includes any story that might be of particular interest to someone in uniform from all branches of service as well as their Family members," said Parker. "We also have our sequestration resources page -- which provides frequently asked questions on sequestration, as well as links to other resources, including OPM [Office of Personnel Management] guidance, a furlough calculator or any helpful resource."

The Marine Corps logo was also added at the top of the home page, joining the Army and JBM-HH logo, to include the service on the site as part of the joint base. Another feature Parker added to the left side of the page is a template for news archives, separated by date. He also added a Slideshare site.

"This is where we host a lot of our documents and presentations, like the town hall. We also put our Monday bulletins on Slideshare. You can also share this unique URL [Uniform Resource Locator] on social media," Parker said.

Customer feedback is important within the joint base community and there is now a special or highlighted section on the website which links to the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE).

"With ICE, you're able to give direct feedback for suggested improvements, as well as give compliments. By clicking on the ICE logo, it will bring you directly to the JBM-HH ICE site," explained Parker.

Another addition is the office line for JBM-HH Commander, Col. Fern O. Sumpter.

"Colonel Sumpter is a big believer in two-way communication and she wanted to ensure her audience and the public had a direct line to [contact] her. Adding the joint base commander's administrative office phone and snail mail information provides a direct line to the colonel," said Parker.

There is also contact information for the command hotline and the webmasters.

"Our customers come first, and by making continuous changes to the JBM-HH website, we can provide an informative and fruitful digital experience," Parker said.

Page last updated Fri May 3rd, 2013 at 11:00