Training time
Spc. Kevin Holmes signals "gas, gas, gas" to Pfc. Cory Proctor while they perform a missile reload exercise.

CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- The Spartans of C Battery, 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery continue to train while deployed in the Central Command area of responsibility, where they provide air and missile defense to strategic assets there.

The Spartan Battery recently participated in exercise "Fast Eagle," which integrated different types of air defense assets and systems. The exercise also involved different services, such as the Air Force and Navy.

The first step in preparing for the exercise was the integration of the flight missile simulation device (FMSD) system. It simulated different types of threats that Patriot units may face while deployed.

The integration of the FMSD went rather smoothly as contractors worked to ensure the system functioned properly, according to technicians. After systems were configured the Spartans validated their systems. Each Patriot fire unit provided protection for different assets; therefore every system was configured differently to ensure the assets were defended to the best of the weapon system's capabilities.

Once configuration was complete, the Spartans trained on different tactical scenarios.

These scenarios were designed to challenge the tactical abilities at every echelon. The week began with C Battery intercepting multiple tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs) during air battles. Not only did C Battery intercept TBMs, they also participated in simulated biological and chemical attacks. Once the impending attack warning was received, the battery command post (BCP) notified the Patriot sites of a possible release of chemical or biological agents.

After the sirens sounded, Soldiers immediately assumed the appropriate Mission Oriented Protective Posture and moved to the closest Scud bunker, where they notified their BCP of how many personnel were there.

"Accountability is extremely important because we must have awarenness of the battlefield," Staff Sgt. Travis Honea said.

"Fast Eagle" sought to ensure the tactical readiness of all air defense systems and interoperability among services, which enabled them to communicate seamlessly and ensure all targets were identified and engaged, according to exercise coordinators.

"Fast Eagle helped to build on my tactical skill set and additional training is always beneficial," 1st Lt. Caleb Johnson said. "I look forward to upcoming exercises."

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