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USASOC 2035 Strategy and Campaign Plan

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What is it?

USASOC Strategy 2035 is the commander’s guidance to Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) for the development of future operational and institutional capabilities. This strategy is derived from the national strategies, SOCOM 2035 and the Army Operating Concept.

USASOC Campaign Plan (CAMPLAN) 2035 operationalizes this guidance and synchronizes strategic objectives, short and long term priorities, and USASOC’s standing Strategic Planning Process.

What has the Army done?

Strategy 2035 provides guidance for the development of future ARSOF operational and institutional capabilities that can counter future threats across the spectrum of conflict, especially in gray zones between peace and overt war. The strategy identifies three groups of objectives based on the implications of the future operating environment that requires ARSOF to:

  • Ready the Force: Ready objectives optimize capabilities and processes to better position the force for the demands of the current operating environment
  • Mature the Force: Mature objectives advance ARSOF capabilities to meet mid-term demands
  • Invest in the Future Force: Invest objectives develop ARSOF capabilities to meet challenges of the future operating environment

What continued efforts are planned for the future?

CAMPLAN 2035 operationalizes the commander’s vision as articulated in Strategy 2035 by creating a strategic framework that captures the ends, ways, and means.

This framework depicts the means as USASOC’s Title 10 responsibilities in the form of lines of efforts (LOE) and sub-LOEs. Each of the Strategy 2035 objectives align under one of the sub-LOEs and are an integral part of realizing the desired ends. These LOEs frame objective accomplishment along a time-phased approach (the ways) through three time horizons of ready (0-2 years), mature (3-7 years), and invest (8-20 years). Accomplishing objectives arranged according to each LOE and sub-LOE directly affects the achievement of the desired capability pillars or the ends:

  • The indigenous approach
  • Precision targeting operations
  • Developing understanding and wielding influence
  • Crisis response

Why is this important to the Army?

Strategy 2035 and CAMPLAN 2035 seek to synchronize USASOC’s planning, programming, budgeting, and executing responsibilities to ensure that ARSOF purposefully adapts from the force of today to the force of the future.

CAMPLAN 2035 specifically provides an assessment process that aligns efforts across the ARSOF enterprise to build the four pillars of ARSOF capability. This effort ultimately provides the Army and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) with an elite, ready, and sustainable force that is employable throughout the range of military operations.


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