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ARNG 4.0

Wednesday May 3, 2017

What is it?

ARNG 4.0 is a new concept launched by the Army National Guard. This is aimed at increasing overall combat readiness over time through multiple organizational and cultural changes. Since the early ’70s, the ARNG has embraced three periods of significant change. ARNG 4.0 is the fourth era of change and is intended to prepare the ARNG, as the operational combat reserve of the Army, to quickly and effectively meet the security challenges of the 21st century.

What has the Army done?

The Department of the Army has directed that the ARNG provide increased combat and enabling capability more rapidly in order to decrease Army risk in meeting Operational Plans and emerging contingency requirements.

In support of this directive, the ARNG developed ARNG 4.0 to strengthen the role of the ARNG within the Army Total Force. This concept is a shift in the organization’s paradigm and focuses on enhancing the combat readiness of select critical capabilities now while posturing the remaining ARNG force to enhance its readiness over time.

ARNG 4.0 includes initiatives such as:

  • Enhancing readiness in capabilities such as enablers in Army’s emergency response force, air and missile defense, fires, armor and Stryker brigade combat teams (BCTs) and attack reconnaissance battalions (Apache).

  • Conducting four combat training center (CTC) rotations a year in order to produce four BCTs at company level proficiency; associated critical enablers trained to level organized; provide 55,000 Soldiers in the available year.

  • Increasing unit strength in priority units in order to achieve 95 percent availability for deployment.

  • Partnering with active Army and Army Reserve in the Associated Units Pilot Program.

  • Improving individual Soldier readiness to increase availability for mobilization.

  • Developing more dynamic and innovative leaders to meet growing demand.

  • Leveraging ARNG installations and facilities to increase readiness.

  • Re-stationing force structure.

  • Increasing soldier incentives and supporting enhanced employer incentives.

What continued efforts are planned for the future?

Some of the initiatives of ARNG 4.0 have already begun but most will start in fiscal year 2018. A national communications campaign will begin this summer with a major push planned for the start of the fiscal year. Select ARNG units may increase their regular training schedules beyond the traditional 39 days a year.

The ARNG will continue to support the current and future fight while supporting overseas deployment for training and strategic overseas exercises to support combatant commanders and reassure the nation’s allies.

Why is this important to the Army?

Combat readiness is the Army’s top priority. Through ARNG 4.0 initiatives, the ARNG will be better prepared, more responsive and require less post-mobilization training time to get to the fight. This readiness will simultaneously increase the value the ARNG offers to governors for its unique homeland response mission.


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