Army Enlisted Talent Management Process

Friday, October 25, 2019

What is it?

The Enlisted Talent Management process leverages a Soldier's knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences to maximize individual potential and provide optimal career opportunities through an interactive website.

What are the current and past efforts of the Army?

In fiscal year 2019, HRC implemented enhancements to the Enlisted Manning Cycles (EMC) improving opportunities within the Enlisted Talent Management Process. Talent management is conducted through the assignment of Soldiers based upon the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and, preferences of the Soldiers for various assignments.

  • Active Component Enlisted Manning Cycles (EMC)- HRC conducts five Enlisted Manning Cycles (EMC) annually to improve talent alignment opportunities. Each cycle is a detailed analysis of manning requirements and the Soldiers available to fill them.

  • Reserve Component Enlisted Manning Cycle - The Army Reserve conducts bi-annual manning cycles to improve unit readiness and talent alignment opportunities for the Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) population.

  • Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK)- Active component Soldier assignment preference is determined through the Soldier's preferences in the ASK system. AGR Soldiers work with their career managers to rank order, and preference the available positions in each cycle.

  • NCO Contact Program - HRC contacts NCOs (SSG-MSG/1SG) to discuss assignment choices. A pilot program for Armor branch NCO's (CMF 19) allows NCO's to designate preferred available assignments electronically.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

New systems and tools under development for the active component will allow NCO's to receive information from their assignment managers on ideal assignment types. These initiatives maximize talent by getting the right Soldier to the right place at the right time. Identical capabilities will exist in the future for AGR Soldiers.

  • ASK Enlisted Marketplace (ASK-EM). Projected for full deployment in January 2021, ASKEM is designed for NCOs (SSG-MSG/1SG) to access a virtual Marketplace to prioritize their preferences for valid and available worldwide assignments. This new design significantly increases the role of Soldier preference in the assignment process and facilitate NCOs' influence in the trajectory of their career.

  • Internal HRC Assignment Tools. A new Personnel Assessment and Availability Tool (PAAT) and updated Manner of Performance (MOP) data will provide assignment managers with increased ability to assess talent and availability of non-commissioned officers for assignments.

Why is this important to the Army?

Enlisted Talent Management supports the Army's priority of investing in the future by building a talent-based personnel system that leverages the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences of its non-commissioned officers, ultimately maximizing their potential to enhance long-term readiness.


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Focus Quote for the Day

[Talent Management] initiatives optimize the Army's ability to get the right Soldier with the right talents to the right assignment at the right time ... Heightened awareness about Soldier talent along with knowing when he or she is available to move, will help us make informed decisions when assigning the most qualified Soldiers to meet Army requirements.

- Col. Michael McGregor, director, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate

Army developing improved ways to manage NCO talents


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