U.S. Army Reserve Family Programs

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What is it?

U.S. Army Reserve Family Programs (ARFP) provides programs and services to Soldiers, Family members, command teams, and civilians throughout the geographically dispersed U.S. Army Reserve community. There are several programs and services under the ARFP umbrella including, but not limited to, the Fort Family Outreach and Support, Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS), Survivor Outreach Services, Army Family Team-Building, Army Family Action Plan and Volunteer Training.

What has Army Reserve done?

ARFP established the Fort Family Outreach and Support Center, Fort Family, as the Army Reserve's rally point for Family programs to provide Soldiers, Family members and civilians with 24 x 7 x 365 access to information and connections to its diverse programs and services. Fort Family's Outreach Support Specialists provide thoughtful and thorough assistance to Army Reserve personnel, connecting them to the desired program or service. Fort Family assists individuals through Survivor Outreach Services and disaster relief organizations. They also help find affordable and appropriate childcare and youth supervision options within their communities through one of ARFP's CYSS program's services. Whether looking for partnership activities for school age youth or financial information and assistance following the tragic loss of a loved one, Fort Family connects Soldiers, civilians, and their Families to the relevant programs, services, and individuals.

What continued efforts does the Army Reserve have planned for the future?

ARFP is working to provide Fort Family with increased capacity and capabilities to include text messaging, a mobile device app, and live web chat to help overseas Soldiers and Family members access its services.

Why is this important to the Army?

Army Reserve Soldiers and their Families face unique challenges as Citizen Soldiers. This requires a specifically designed and tailored suite of programs and services provided by ARFP to help maintain Soldier and Family readiness and resiliency across the Army Reserve community. ARFP's directors, coordinators, and the Fort Family Outreach and Support Center ensure Soldiers and their Families have access to these programs and services anytime, anywhere.


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Current & Upcoming Events

November 2015

National Native American Heritage Month: Visit- Army.mil: American Indians in the U.S. Army

Military Family Appreciation Month: Visit Army.mil: Army Families

Warrior Care Month

December 2015

Dec 7: Pearl Harbor Day

Dec 12: Army-Navy Game

Dec 15 - Jan. 25: Battle of Bulge

Focus Quote for the Day

Our success as Citizens and Soldiers is only possible with strong Families ... Fort Family helps Soldiers and Families, no matter what the issue -- dealing with financial problems, counseling, find a civilian job, or simply get information about a unit. The Army Reserve is a Family, and Fort Family wants to help you.

- Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley, chief of Army Reserve and commanding general, United States Army Reserve Command


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