Senior Leader Message: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

During National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we recognize the indispensable contributions Americans with disabilities make to our Nation. The Army relies on the abilities of all to accomplish our mission. By drawing on the strengths and talents of our diverse workforce, we are better positioned to defend our Nation.

The Army expresses its sincere gratitude for the many contributions and achievements of Americans with disabilities. These extremely capable Americans, including Civilian Employees, Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans routinely overcome significant challenges in order to serve their country and communities. The Army is committed to showing them the same level of appreciation and dedication.

This month, join us as we recommit ourselves to implementing effective practices that increase employment opportunities for Americans with disabilities and foster an inclusive work culture that welcomes the skills and talents of all. Army Strong!

-- View the Army senior leaders tri-signed letter: "My Disability is One Part of Who I Am"


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Quote of the Day

When you are on the ground, you make the rules. And until nations exist solely in the water or in the sky, land will remain critical ... to protect the freedom and interests of the United States, the Army must remain the cornerstone of our nation's defense -- there is no other way.

- Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh, emphasized the importance of the role of the U.S. Army to ultimately resolve conflicts, during his keynote speech at the 7th and final opening address at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition (AUSA), Oct. 12

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