Medal of Honor to 1st Lt. Alonzo H. Cushing

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What is it?

President Barack Obama will posthumously award the nation's highest award for valor to First Lt. Alonzo H. Cushing today at 11:45 a.m. EST. 1st Lt. Alonzo Cushing will receive the Medal of Honor for his conspicuous gallantry at the Battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. 1st Lt. Cushing will be the sixty-fourth Soldier honored for heroism at the Civil War.

1st Lt. Cushing's cousin, Helen Bird Loring Ensign, and family members will join the President at the White House ceremony to commemorate his actions.

What has the Army done?

The Office of the Chief of Public Affairs has created a Medal of Honor microsite to pay tribute to 1st Lt. Alonzo H. Cushing, where the viewers can access the biography, award citation, and read about Cushing's heroism during the Battle of Gettysburg.

The White House ceremony will be live streamed from the website and live tweeted from #USArmy Twitter platform. In addition, the Army has published content on Cushing on the Army's official Facebook page.

Why is this important to the Army?

1st Lt. Alonzo Cushing displayed the attributes of a professional Soldier, and embodied the Warrior Ethos. The U.S. Army is proud of him and pleased to see his professionalism service and sacrifice being recognized before a new generation.

What efforts does the Army have planned after the White House Ceremony?

The senior Defense Department and Army leaders will recognize Cushing and his family during a Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony at the Pentagon, scheduled on Nov. 7 at 1:00 p.m. EST.


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Focus Quote of the Day

Alonzo volunteered for his position. Soldiers today volunteer as well. They are extremely loyal, like Alonzo was, extremely brave and devoted to this country and freedom. And that's what carries through ... people going beyond themselves to make the ultimate sacrifice.

- Helen Loring Ensign, first cousin, twice removed, 1st Lt. Alonzo Hereford Cushing, emphasizes the commitment and sacrifice of the all volunteer force. Loring, as next of kin, will accept the Medal of Honor on behalf of her cousin, from the President at the White House ceremony today.

Generations of family proud of Civil War hero

Visit Medal of Honor microsite: 1st Lt. Alonzo H. Cushing


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