U.S. Army National Guard

Army National Guard: Always Ready, Always There

Emergency Responses

1 Alaska National Guard supports Tycoon Merbok relief efforts
2 Florida National Guardsmen support distribution sites
3 National Guard provides lifesaving response to Hurricane Ian
4 Montana National Guard Soldiers rescue injured hiker
5 West Virginia National Guard conducts aerial firefighting mission
6 California National Guard Soldiers helped deliver hay to stranded cattle in Humboldt County.
7 California National Guardsmen assist rescue operations in Monterey County on March 10, 2023.
8 California National Guard helicopter pilots train to be ready to fight wildfires
9 California National Guard responds to flooding
10 Guam National Guard responds to Typhoon Mawar
11 National Guard aviators battle devastating wildfires in Hawaii
12 Hawaii National Guard aids in search and recovery efforts after Maui wildfires #mauifires
13 Puerto Rico National Guard aviators help battle fire at Bovoni landfill on St. Thomas


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