U.S. Army National Guard

Army National Guard: Always Ready, Always There



1 Pennsylvania National Guard crews survey remnants of Tropical Storm Florence
2 Soldiers from the N.C. National Guard assist in delivering essential food and water
3 North Carolina National Guard help transport evacuees fleeing Hurricane Florence in New Bern, N.C.
4 Lt. Gen. Kadavy speaks to Soldiers of the South Carolina National Guard
5 The National Guard's relationship with civilian agencies during hurricane operations
6 South Carolina engineers stage for Tropical Storm Florence flooding
7 Hurricane Flooding in North Carolina
8 Alaska Guardsmen Conduct Rescue Operations in North Carolina
9 NJ National Guard deploys Black Hawk helicopter and crew to aid North Carolina
10 Hurricane Florence – SC National Guard responds
11 Alaska Guardsmen conduct rescue operations via HC-130J aircraft in North Carolina
12 Hurricane Florence – SC National Guard responds
13 Pennsylvania National Guard rescues two South Carolina residents
14 Florida National Guard bring supplies to areas affected by Hurricane Michael