The winning active Army Drill Sergeant of the Year receives the Stephen Ailes Award, which was initiated in 1969. Ailes was secretary of the Army, from 1964 to 1965, and was instrumental in originating the first Drill Sergeant School at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The Army Reserve winner receives the Ralph Haines Jr. Award. Haines was commander of the Continental Army Command, which was the forerunner of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, from 1970 to 1972.


The annual Drill Sergeant of the Year competition has been hosted by Headquarters, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command for many years. Command officials describe drill sergeants as "top-quality, professional noncommissioned officers from virtually all branches of the Army." Their role is to turn citizens into Soldiers. During every recruit's initial entry training period, these noncommissioned officers set the tone for an entire military career.

Previous Winners


2014   >   Staff Sgt. Jonathan W. Miller (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
2013   >   Sgt. 1st Class David E. Stover (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
2012   >   Staff Sgt. Jeffrey B. Heilman (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
2011   >   Staff Sgt. John L. Heslin (Fort Benning, Ga.)
2010   >   Staff Sgt. Timothy E. Sarvis (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
2009   >   Staff Sgt. Michael F. Johnston (Fort Benning, Ga.)
2008   >   Staff Sgt. Herbert D. Thompson IV (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
2007   >   Sgt. 1st Class Delfin J. Romani (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
2006   >   Sgt. 1st Class Michael E. Behnkendorf (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
2005   >   Staff Sgt. Reynolds Jolly (Fort Sill, Ok.)
2004   >   Staff Sgt. Jason W. Maynard (Fort Sill, Ok.)
2003   >   Sgt. 1st Class Billie Jo Miranda (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
2002   >   Staff Sgt. Randle L. Cheadle (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
2001   >   Staff Sgt. Debra L. Thorn (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
2000   >   Staff Sgt. Damian G. McIntosh (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1999   >   Staff Sgt. Terry J. Dokey (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1998   >   Staff Sgt. Bradley J. Houston (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1997   >   Sgt. 1st Class Frank Cervantes (Fort Knox, Ky.)
1996   >   Staff Sgt. Kevin R. Greene (Fort Knox, Ky.)
1995   >   Sgt. 1st Class Anita D. Jorden (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
1994   >   Staff Sgt. Ronald L. Sinner (Fort Knox, Ky.)
1993   >   Staff Sgt. Jill J. Henderson (Fort McLellan, Al.)
1992   >   Staff Sgt. Calvin L. Smithers (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
1991   >   Sgt. 1st Class Mark A. Clifton (Fort Dix, N.J. )
1990   >   Staff Sgt. William G. Krewal (Fort Dix, N.J. )
1989   >   Staff Sgt. Merle P. Edington (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
1988   >   Staff Sgt. Samuel P. Watkins (Fort Benning, Ga.)
1987   >   Staff Sgt. Michael A. Carman (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1986   >   Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Kim (Fort Dix, N.J. )
1985   >   Sgt. 1st Class Mark S. Ripka (Fort Benning, Ga.)
1984   >   Sgt. 1st Class Danny R. Hubbard (Fort Sill, Ok.)
1983   >   Sgt. 1st Class Gerald W. Haake (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1982   >   Sgt. 1st Class Charles W. Fitzpatrick (Fort Knox, Ky.)
1981   >   Sgt. 1st Class Charles R. Moore (Fort Benning, Ga.)
1980   >   Sgt. 1st Class James S. Clauson (Fort Jackson, S.C.)
1979   >   Sgt. 1st Class Robert E. Hall (Fort Bliss, Tx.)
1978   >   Sgt. 1st Class Dennis D. Watters (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1977   >   Sgt. 1st Class Michael R. Wagers (Fort Benning, Ga.)
1976   >   Sgt. 1st Class Danny A. Barrow (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1975   >   Sgt. 1st Class H. J. Kohlman (Fort Bliss, Tx.)
1974   >   Sgt. 1st Class Felix W. Acosta (Fort Sill, Ok.)
1973   >   Sgt. 1st Class J. E. Boofter (Fort Dix, N.J. )
1972   >   Sgt. 1st Class James W. Heaton (Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
1971   >   Sgt. 1st Class Gernot E. Klingenberger (Fort Benning, Ga.)
1970   >   Sgt. 1st Class Edward G. McGinnis (Fort Polk, La.)
1969   >   Sgt. 1st Class Allen G. Carpenter (Fort Polk, La.)


2014   >   Staff Sgt. Christopher Croslin (95th Training Division)
2013   >   Sgt. 1st Class Ryan J. McCaffrey (98th Reserve Division)
2012   >   Staff Sgt. Jared P. Moss (95th Reserve Division)
2011   >   Staff Sgt. Andrew J. Palmer (98th Reserve Division)
2010   >   Staff Sgt. Melissa C. Solomon (108th Training Division)
2009   >   Staff Sgt. Joshua Marshall (95th Reserve Division)
2008   >   Sgt. 1st Class Michael Noland (95th Reserve Division)
2007   >   Staff Sgt. Steve Malubay (104th Reserve Division)
2006   >   Drill Sergeant Stephen Howd (100th Training Division)
2005   >   Sgt. 1st Class Spencer Swearingen (100th Training Division)
2004   >   Staff Sgt. Jennifer Fowler (95th Reserve Division)
2003   >   Sgt. 1st Class Corenna Rouse (100th Training Division)
2002   >   Sgt. 1st Class Tobias Meister (98th Reserve Division)
2001   >   Staff Sgt. Wayne M. McPhillips (84th Training Division)
2000   >   Staff Sgt. Allen Roberts (100th Training Division)
1999   >   Sgt. 1st Class Todd Priest (84th Training Division)
1998   >   Staff Sgt. Timothy R. Graves (100th Training Division)
1997   >   Sgt. 1st Class Teresa L. Belles (100th Training Division)
1996   >   Sgt. 1st Class Ronald R. Coots (100th Training Division)
1995   >   Staff Sgt. Bruce Clark (100th Training Division)
1994   >   Staff Sgt. Christopher Laird (100th Training Division)
1993   >   Sgt. 1st Class Dennis Law (80th Training Division)
1992   >   Staff Sgt. Robert Kunigan (98th Reserve Division)
1991   >   Sgt. 1st Class Chris Mullins (100th Training Division)
1990   >   Staff Sgt. J. R. Ashwood (95th Reserve Division)
1989   >   Staff Sgt. C. Baer (95th Reserve Division)
1988   >   Sgt. 1st Class R. Casas (95th Reserve Division)
1987   >   Sgt. 1st Class J. S. Buczkowski (98th Reserve Division)
1986   >   Staff Sgt. A. R. Groehler (84th Training Division)
1985   >   Sgt. 1st Class T. Gennarell (78th Training Division)
1984   >   Sgt. 1st Class G. L. Carter (95th Reserve Division)
1983   >   Sgt. 1st Class C. L. Wagner (91st Training Division)
1982   >   Sgt. 1st Class A. R. Lackey (100th Training Division)
1981   >   Sgt. 1st Class E. E. Enfinger (108th Training Division)
1980   >   Sgt. 1st Class T. Jackson (104th Training Division)
1979   >   Sgt. 1st Class E. G. Morris (78th Training Division)
1978   >   Sgt. 1st Class L. L. Hector (104th Training Division)
1977   >   Sgt. 1st Class K. Cabe (108th Training Division)
1976   >   Sgt. 1st Class J. F. Socnogy (85th Training Division)
1975   >   Sgt. 1st Class D. Roberts (100th Training Division)
1974   >   Sgt. 1st Class D. Lindwall (78th Training Division)
1973   >   Sgt. 1st Class H. D. Cline (108th Training Division)
1972   >   Sgt. 1st Class D. A. Castern (98th Reserve Division)