FORT LEE, Va. - Soldiers from Echo Company, 832nd Ordnance Battalion, U.S. Army Ordnance School, Combined Arms Support Command, visited students at Salem Church Middle School to give them a taste of field living Feb. 28.

The sixth grade students were excited to be able to sample the Meals Ready-to-Eat, or MRE, as they are more commonly known, during a two-hour visit by the Ordnance School. Soldiers spent the first hour explaining the different components of the MRE and how to eat them. Students were surprised at the amount and variety of foods contained in each pouch.

After lunch, the students moved to the classroom where they had the opportunity to ask questions about what life as a Soldier was like. The informative session allowed the service members to share their personal experiences with the children in an interactive environment.

The Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee are active in supporting its neighbors through the Community Connect Program. The program enables military members and the community to work together on outreach projects to maintain a strong and positive partnership.