WASHINGTON (Oct. 25, 2012) -- Joseph W. Westphal, under secretary of the Army, has signed the U.S. Army Organic Industrial Base Strategic Plan, or AOIBSP.

This plan focuses on the contributions of the Army's organic depots and arsenals as a key component of the larger Defense industrial base. It describes the challenges facing the depots and arsenals as current contingency operations wind down and the Army adjusts to a changing fiscal environment. This plan also establishes the management framework and implementation strategies to meet the challenges and shape both the workforce and capabilities to ensure support for future contingencies.

The role that the Army Organic Industrial Base, or AOIB, plays in support of National Security Strategy has become more apparent over the past decade as AOIB facilities successfully surged to sustain war fighting equipment deployed in support of the Iraq and Afghanistan operations.

The AOIB is responsible for repairing and manufacturing equipment to ensure it is available for training and to support future deployments. The requirement to repair and manufacture equipment emphasizes the need for an AOIB Enterprise that is agile, effective, forward deployable and able to surge in the future.

As the Army begins to drawdown from Afghanistan, and transition to a peacetime environment, it is critical that the AOIB manage the transition from wartime production levels to peacetime requirements in such a manner that the Organic Industrial Base remains effective, efficient and capable of meeting future Army contingency requirements.

"Our vision for the AOIBSP is a modern, reliable, cost effective and highly responsive enterprise which meets both wartime and peacetime requirements," said Westphal in his memo announcing the plan. "Its mission is to provide the resources, skills, logistics, maintenance and manufacturing capabilities to sustain the lifecycle readiness of weapon systems in a reliable and efficient manner, while maintaining the ability to surge during contingency operations."

The Army has five primary maintenance Depots and three manufacturing Arsenals that are Government Owned, Government Operated facilities and a sixth Depot, which is joint in nature. The capabilities represented by these six Depots and three manufacturing Arsenals are vital to the Department of Defense's industrial base because they provide products or services that are either unavailable from private industry or ensure a ready and controlled source of technical competence and resources in case of national defense contingencies or other emergencies.

Visit www.hqda.army.mil/logweb/ for more information on the AOIBSP.