QUANTICO, Va. - The Quantico Middle/High School Boys Basketball Team had their work ahead of them as they faced last year's Delaney Athletic Conference Tournament champions, the Fredericksburg Academy Falcons, in Fredericksburg on Dec. 13.

It was a hard-fought first half for both teams. The Warriors made it known very quickly that they came to play ball as they kept the intensity of the game high and controlled the pace most of the half.

"We've been working on our stamina and shooting a lot this past week," said Devin, junior Warrior player, before the start of the game. "This team is just another obstacle in front of us. If we do exactly what we practiced, we should be able to squeeze a win by them and go home happy."

The first quarter had both teams neck-and-neck with each other. Neither gave the other any slack making the game as aggressive as it was a nail-bitter. The Warriors were able to get into a groove late in the quarter and take the lead 10-7.

In the second quarter, the Falcons came out trying long range shots, but it was to no avail as their shots missed the goal. Good times for the Warriors soon began to come to an end. Fatigue plagued the Warriors, and their pace and intensity diminished. Ed Cottrell, Warriors' head coach, had no choice but to take out his starters and replace them with fresh, yet shorter, players.

With the Warriors' starters on the bench, the Falcons saw an opportunity to advance. The Falcons began to easily getting into the paint, drawing careless fouls and literally shooting over the Warrior players. Within three minutes, the Falcons had taken a four-point lead going into the second half, 19-15.

"You guys are doing a great job out there," Cottrell said to his team. "You have to remember that the team that fights the strongest is who will win this game."

The Falcons, being last year's DAC tournament champions, finally took the proverbial white gloves off and began running the show with authority in the second half. With multiple fast breaks, rebounds and long-range shots, the Falcons quickly increased their lead by 20 points. The Falcons were running away with the game and the only end in sight lay at the end of the clock.

Late in the game, the Warriors showed so some signs of life. They began playing like their life depended on it. The Warriors started a run-and-gun offense and kept it going till the final seconds of the game. Even though the Warriors closed the gap considerably, the Falcons were able to come out with the win, 46-36.