Nov 16 2012
Vicksburg, Ms... The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Vicksburg District (Corps) is beginning the annual process of the winter water level drawdown at Arkabutla, Sardis, Grenada and Enid Lakes in Mississippi. With lower water levels, thousands of acres of mudflats will be exposed. While the Corps encourages visitors to enjoy the recreational activities the lakes provide, we want visitors to keep safety and resource protection in mind. Exploration of these vast mudflat areas presents a number of dangers, and visitors are encouraged to be observant of hazards such a trot-lines, dead timber and sinkholes.

The Corps also reminds visitors that the destruction, defacement, removal or any alteration of public property are strictly prohibited. Archaeological sites on property owned by the U.S. Government are under strict protection by Federal laws and regulations. Items to avoid include natural formations, mineral deposits, historical and archaeological features, material from old house sites, arrowheads, Native American artifacts, human remains and paleontological fossils.

Archaeological sites are fragile and irreplaceable because the information they contain cannot be rebuilt or recreated once destroyed by unscientific digging and collecting. They provide knowledge about the prehistoric past and assist with the preservation of our nation's heritage. As more of the nation's archaeological treasures continue to be plundered, preservation and protection of sites become more crucial. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that these areas remain intact for future generations. Through knowledge, careful planning, and protection, archaeological sites around the lakes will provide an unspoiled look into the lives and times of the original residents of the region.

To report any suspected violations of Federal cultural and historic preservation laws on Corps of Engineers property, please contact the appropriate field office at one of the numbers listed below: Arkabutla Lake Field Office - 662-562-6261, Sardis Lake Field Office - 662-563-4531, Enid Lake Field Office -662-563-4571 or Grenada Lake Field Office - 662-226-5911.

The Mississippi lakes not only provide flood risk reduction, but also contribute approximately $128 million into the local economy with approximately 484,000 visitors each year. For more information visit our website, .