Greetings all Soldiers and Civilians of the 80th Training Command (TASS)

The "Veterans Day" was established after World War I to pay tribute to those who serve in that Great War. In 1954, the day's significance was expanded to all servicemen who have worn our Nation's uniform.

Friday, 9 November is a Day of Nonscheduled Activity (DONSA) for AGR/Mobilized Soldiers and Liberal Leave Policy Day for Civilians. Monday, 12 November is the Veteran's Day Federal Holiday.

November is also the traditional beginning of the winter holiday season. Many of us will be taking advantage of this long weekend to travel, visit friends and family.

Unfortunately this long weekend has the potential for increased risk of off duty accidents, especially with travel. We must be aware of everything around us and recognize hazards associated with our activities.

Soldiers (AGR and Mobilized) who travel a distance greater than 50 miles will complete the Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS) that addresses hazards associated with the POV travel and give results to the commander/supervisor prior to departing on leave, pass, TDY or PCS. The TRiPS is available online from US Combat Readiness Center (CRC) web site (

As we enter into the Veterans Day Weekend and other seasonal events where we gather in groups and celebrate, please remember to drink responsibly. Watch out for your friends and family members.

I wish you a safe, pleasant Veteran's Day holiday weekend and other seasonal activities through November. Remember safety must never take a day off; it must become an integral and necessary part of everything we do.


80th Training Command (TASS)
"Only Move Forward!"

Commanding General