FORT HOOD, Texas -- Tank crews utilized the cool fall weather to set up their sites, locate their targets and qualify on their tanks this month.

C and D Companies, 1st Battalion "Mustangs," 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, conducted Gunnery Table VI live-fire exercises at Clabber Creek Multiuse Range, here Oct. 18 and 19.

Table VI is the individual tank crew qualification, said 1st Lt. Andrew Roberts, C Co. fire support officer. Eight C Co. crews and 10 D Co. crews conducted five day and five night engagements with a total of 1000 points to earn.

Crews earned points in various categories such as targets hit, time and using proper verbal commands, Roberts added.

Gunnery qualification tables are designed to give commanders battle-ready crews who are confident in themselves, their equipment and their positions on the tank, Roberts explained.

"The most important thing for tankers to take away from this qualification is confidence," Roberts added. "If they have confidence in what they learn, how to maintain their vehicle and in each other, then they will be successful."

D Co. crews were very successful, said Capt. James Comstock, D Co. commander. "I'm very pleased with the crews. They have been very successful qualifying, and the crews have achieved a lot of growth."

Growth came in various forms from building teamwork to a Soldiers' proficiency in their tank position.

"Our crew was newly formed with some changes in personnel early on, but that didn't effect our growth as a team," said Spc. Veasna Houp, a tanker with D Co. "Even as a driver I am confident in different positions such as a gunner."

The growth also led to the morale and confidence within the crewmembers themselves.

"Morale was definitely high within our crew. We learned from each other, which added confidence in my crewmembers and myself," Houp added.

"There was great anticipation and morale among the crews," Roberts said. "This leaves the leaders, confident crews are ready to deploy and have the experience to succeed utilizing their skills."

"My confidence in the D Company crew's proficiency is high, and I am absolutely sure they are ready to deploy if called upon," Comstock said.

C and D Companies are scheduled for platoon- and company-level gunnery exercises within the next month.