FORT STEWART, Ga. - Officers with the "Mustang" Squadron have attended Dari language training courses over the past five weeks on Fort Stewart, Ga.

The courses, occurring three days a week, have focused on mastering the basics of the language, to include learning common phrases and greetings to writing familiarization.

"Mustang" leaders applied their skills, Sept. 10, during a simulated key leader engagement with an Afghan elder who spoke Dari. The language training instructor, Tareq Seddiqi, posed as the elder in the scenario.

"This engagement allows the officers to realize how important it is to understand the basics of the local language," said Seddiqi. "It enables relationships to be built, in turn providing vital intelligence these Soldiers will need in a deployed environment.

"I can tell you they have come a long way understanding both the culture and language," Seddiqi continued. "As their teacher, it is rewarding to see their progress."