PENTAGON, Washington D.C. (Sept. 12, 2012) - - The 2012 Secretary of the Army Environmental Award program guidance and "call for nominations," has been published.

The Secretary of the Army Environmental Awards Program recognizes outstanding performance and excellence in environmental stewardship and sustainability by Army installations, teams, and individuals.

The awards emphasize innovation and accomplishments in sustainable practices, installation environmental management, and community enhancement. A list of the award categories and guidance is provided in the "FY12 Secretary of the Army environmental awards guidance."

Nomination packages need to be sent electronically the nominees command or agency headquarters, where a screening panel will be convened to select winning nominations .

The command selected nominations will then be forwarded electronically to the Army point of contact, Mr. George Robitaille (

Command selected nominations must be forwarded not later than Nov. 16, 2012 for selection of the Army award winners.

The Secretary of the Army winners will be announced in the December-January time frame.

Secretary of the Army Environmental Award recipients will go on to compete in the 2013 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards competition.

Each command and agency with potential award winning programs which highlight extraordinary success is encouraged to submit a nomination.