FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- With Hurricane Isaac making landfall in Louisiana last week and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, recently increasing its estimate of named storms and hurricanes for 2012, military families in hurricane-prone areas should assess how vulnerable they are, and review their emergency plans to make sure they weather the season safely.

Resources are available online that can help families prepare for worst-case scenarios. Ready America and the NOAA have resources available on their websites that can help military families make emergency plans, protect their property from damage, and build "bug-out bags" in case Mother Nature takes aim at their homes.

"When emergencies occur, military and civilian organizations respond, but it takes time to mobilize, and they focus on the most critical needs first," said R.J. Frazier, Fort Jackson's all-hazards emergency manager. "Remember, emergency preparedness is everyone's responsibility."

Families cannot count on immediate support from local authorities if a hurricane cripples an entire area. Hurricane Katrina is an example of how one storm can overwhelm the support system families might think they can rely on for assistance. "You should get ready to take appropriate action during an emergency and be prepared, to be self sufficient, for at least three to five days after a disaster," Frazier said. "Ready Army provides the tools and standardized checklists to support you as you prepare. Historically, South Carolina is susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes."

Families are encouraged to have an emergency plan, protect their homes, and build "bug-out-bags." For more information on how to prepare, visit