BAMBERG, Germany -- Soldiers from the 16th Sustainment Brigade battled it out for the titles of Warrior and Warrior Leader of the Quarter at the 16th Sust. Bde. headquarters here July 23-25.

The competition kicked off with a physical fitness test to assess the competitors strength and endurance followed by a written exam to test their military knowledge. On day two of the competition, the Soldiers completed a range, a grueling six-mile ruck march and a day and night land navigation course. They faced-off for the last leg of the competition with a formal board in front of a panel of command sergeant majors.

Pfc. Joseph McNulty, a chemical specialist with the 12th Chemical Company and a native of Seaside Heights, N.J., took home the Warrior of the Quarter title as a first time competitor and said he was eager to compete. "I wanted to be able to have pride in my unit and come out here and compete and enjoy the competition and hopefully move on and have better experiences and learning."

McNulty attributes his success not only to his wife for helping him study and preparing for the board but also to those in his company. "My first-line supervisor, and my platoon sergeant, they make sure I'm ready to go to these boards and that I'm well prepared. They want to see me win as much as I would like to win and bring it back to them."

"I really enjoy my platoon," McNulty added. "I love getting up in the morning and going to work with them. We have good cohesion as a group."

Sgt. Alva Barnhart, a maintenance sergeant with the 106th Financial Management Company and a native of Lincoln, Neb., said he liked the land navigation portion of the competition the best. "It's always a challenge to go out there, running through the thick woods trying to find your points."

Barnhart said he was surprised about winning the Warrior Leader of the Quarter title and always tries to remain humble. He attributes his success, he says to following the message within the Warrior Ethos. "Do what you can, give it your best and don't quit."

"The competitors aren't cutthroat. They are all there for each other, said Barnhart about what he enjoyed most about the competition. "They help each other out. It's really nice to go into competitions with people like that. It makes you feel better about yourself and feel better about the competition."