FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii-- Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jose Rossy-Rodriguez, chief, mobility support operations, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, is modest about his accomplishments and his career. Luckily for him and his unit, his boss and peers aren't quite as modest.

"People abuse the term 'constant professional,' but he really is, and he is our go-to guy here in the office," said Maj. Joshua Ginn, officer in charge of mobility for the 8th TSC and Rossy-Rodriguez's boss.

"He is a soft-spoken man with a heavy impact on the transportation world," Ginn said.

Others have taken notice of Rossy-Rodriguez's work, because at Fort Lee, Va., July 26, he was awarded the Army Regimental Transportation Award for Mobility, the top honor for warrant officers in his field.

"This is a big deal for me," Rossy-Rodriguez said. "It's the recognition for all the hard work I have put into my job since becoming a warrant officer."

Rossy-Rodriguez began his career in the Army as a private first class in 1997 as a motor transport operator. He spent the next seven years in various units and countries, reaching the rank of staff sergeant. In 2005, with encouragement from his wife, he put in his warrant officer packet and earned his warrant officer rank.

"She told me to just go for it," Rossy-Rodriguez said of his wife. "I owe a lot of my success to her."

Seven years later, Rossy-Rodriguez is conducting container management throughout the entire Pacific area of operations.

"Not only does he make the job of everyone here easier, but also the job of people in different countries," Ginn said. "He built the container management system for our Korea units from the ground up. He's one of the most capable people I have ever met."

Despite the praise from his boss and the rest of the 8th TSC, Rossy-Rodriguez remains humble, and was surprised by the nomination and winning the award.

"It came as a big surprise, a real shock," Rossy-Rodriguez said. "I was going against my counterparts down-range, so after I won at the (U.S. Army-Pacific) level, I kind of just forgot about it.

"I keep telling everyone that it's not that big of a deal!" Rossy-Rodriguez added, smiling. "I just do my job and help out where I can."