CANBERRA, Australia -- U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Raymond Odierno addressed over 100 Army delegates from 27 nations at the Pacific Armies Management Seminar July 18.

"As the United States adapts to changes in the strategic environment and refocuses our efforts in the Pacific region, we desire a positive, trust-based relationship with all nations, a relationship based on transparency, open channels of communication and a shared role of promoting stability in pursuit of all of our common interests," said Odierno.

Odierno went on to say that we can work together in a number of ways such as developing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities, increasing intelligence and technology sharing, promoting cadet and non-commissioned officer exchanges and collaboration on building, operating and defending our cyberspace networks.

"We have many avenues with which to build bonds of trust and build strong relationships and further our capabilities, these include but are not limited to senior level dialogue and security conferences such as this outstanding seminar, multi-lateral training exercises to improve interoperability, but more importantly, developing an understanding and a commitment to each other."

PAMS is the U.S. Army Pacific's largest theater security and cooperation event is co-hosted by USARPAC and a different partner nation annually. The seminar is organized around a theme and several related topics each year. This year's theme is "Asia Pacific Land Forces: New Challenges, Shared Solutions." Seminar attendees are participating in workshops and presentations sharing their experiences and best practices with the goal of developing come up with potential solutions.