Did you know the Mission Training Complex provides quality individual and collective battle staff training support to Fort Sill units?

The MTC, at 3380 Miner Road, is staffed with an experienced team of trainers, technicians and managers to execute facility operations, training management and exercise support. The MTC executes the individual operator, leader and staff training part of the Army Digital Training Strategy.

The facility boasts 40-plus acres of land available to organizations to train as a collective unit. Six classrooms provide unsurpassed individual digital systems and virtual training. It is the primary agency for providing individual and collective training support to Army Forces Command units.

The MTC mission is to provide the training enablers to conduct individual, leader and collective battle command (digital) training supporting Forces Command, mobilizing and deploying units and to provide training support to Training and Doctrine Command schools with available resources.

The individual Army Battle Command System courses are divided into three sections: communications, data management and mapping.

The communications portion of the class focuses on sharing data between users on like systems, as well as, sending and receiving messages from other ABCS systems. During the data management section segment, operators learn skills necessary to deal with the large volumes of information available to system operators, while the mapping section helps operators transition from paper maps to their digital equivalents. The section also details the differing map types and scales while plotting data, in the form of icons and graphics, to the map.

Most tasks are reinforced with practical exercises, based on a realistic scenario, that mimic those tasks that would be performed in both real world and exercise situations. The standards for these tasks are based upon the Department of the Army provided and approved documentation for each respective system.

Focus is on staff training using constructive simulations to develop collective skills based on commander's training objectives and Soldier needs. The MTC staff is poised to assist commanders in creating training opportunities to develop proficient staffs. MTC staff members are also fully capable to assist commanders by relieving some of the burden associated with developing training venues, allowing the commander to focus on his training. The MTC uses the digital exercise with the sole purpose of creating an environment that operationally lights up the unit's entire command and control systems helping them validate their setup and verify their operator training. In many cases, these exercises are followed up with command focused vignettes to exercise specific collective tasks.

Units requesting a digital exercise or training must submit a request through their respective training and operations office, to the MTC operations officer. These requests may be submitted via e-mail, fax or hand carried to Building 3380. No requests can be approved without conducting an initial coordination meeting to verify all the unit's resource, training and security requirements.

Training at the MTC is free for active military of any service, DoD civilians and Reserve or National Guard personnel for whom the training would support their mission. Hours of operation are Mondays through Fridays, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. For more information, call MTC operations at 442-4126.