ORLANDO, FL - The U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command, Simulation and Training Technology Center (RDECOM STTC) signed a new contract worth up to $75 million dollars over a five-year period with the University of Central Florida (UCF) to support innovative modeling, simulation and training research and technology to benefit U.S. Warfighters and the simulation community.

The new contract will give the Army greater access to the sixth largest university in the country and their numerous institutes of learning such as the Institute for Simulation and Training. Currently, the RDECOM STTC works on several research thrust areas with UCF to include: embedded training, cultural diversity and awareness training, individual and team performance, collaborative human agent training, human behavior modeling virtual, mixed and augmented realities, computer generated forces, synthetic environment, live virtual and constructive interoperability, high performance/super computing, medical training simulation and game based learning.

The objectives for the new five-year effort are to:

Aca,!Ac Establish a collaborative laboratory environment to support innovative modeling simulation & training research, technology development and technology application
Aca,!Ac Facilitate and demonstrate technology transfer across U.S. Army programs, Joint Services, other Federal Agencies and throughout the simulation technology community
Aca,!Ac Provide an environment that encourages simulation technology development from basic to advanced research
Aca,!Ac Develop and enhance the modeling and simulation technical knowledge, skills and abilities of STTC and UCF personnel and students

"This collaboration provides a unique opportunity to partner with academia for the benefit of our Warfighters and the simulation community." said Lt. Col. Ray Compton, acting director, RDECOM STTC.

Addressing what this relationship can do for the Army and others, Dr. Neal Finkelstein, program manager for RDECOM STTC said, "We have found that UCF, and in particular their Institute for Simulation and Training, is able to push the envelope on blending basic and applied research which has really enabled us to leverage not only work in the Army, but also across the services and in the Department of Homeland Security. This leveraging is key for much of the work being transitioned in critical areas that enable the knowledge, skills and abilities of our users."

The RDECOM STTC is located in the heart of Central Florida and part of Team Orlando and the Florida High Tech Corridor. It is the STTC's goal to be recognized as the preeminent world leader in research, development and engineering of systems of systems whose hallmark is transitioning the right technology in the shortest time to our Soldiers.

To learn more about RDECOM STTC, please visit their web site: www.rdecom.army.mil/STTC.