CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea -- Participants in the United States Forces Korea Good Neighbor English Camp visited here, May 17. This camp aims to give standout Korean students a better grasp of the English language and American life, while strengthening U.S.-Korea relations.

More than 60 students attended the camp, and while here they played basketball, did pull-ups, received climbing instruction and visited the Humphreys airfield. Attendees reported that the camp was time well spent.

"This was a worthwhile experience," said Sim, Yun-ji, a student at Gunam Health High School. "This gives us all a chance to strengthen our English skills and have a lot of fun with our fellow students and the Americans."

While the overall camp lasted only the three days, the benefits will endure, Sim noted.

"I am studying to become a nurse and the camp helped with that goal," Sim said. "I will not forget the good times and good friends from this camp."

Yoon, Hyun-gyu, an intern who works in the Humphreys Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security office, helped with the camp. He said the focus was on language and on U.S. culture.

"This is an opportunity for the campers to get a good foundation on American life and the English language. This will help them in the future," Yoon said.

The campers were housed by U.S. families in the Yongsan Garrison.

"That helps us understand American culture and get some good American food," said Lee, Jin-hee from Dongil High School.

"Thanks to the English Camp, I understand the language and the culture better than I did before," added Kim, Min-seung from Daegu Gyeong Sin High School. "I am taking a lot of good information away from this camp. I thank Camp Humphreys and the host families for putting this on."