BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan--The 401st Army Field Support Brigade issued a brigade set of equipment in 13 days to support Task Force Devil Hammer.

Behind the fielding effort was a complex series of maneuvers across both battalions of the 401st that included four task forces; turn-in of rolling and non-rolling stock from redeploying units; maintenance of the turned-in equipment to bring it to a fully mission capable status; storage of the equipment until Devil Hammer arrived; building a temporary Redistribution Property Assistance Yard; staging equipment in several locations; and finally issuing equipment at Bagram Airfield and several forward locations by standing up mobile RPAT missions.

The mission began in November 2011 with equipment being identified and gathered from across the battle space. Issue of the equipment began in late March 2012 and was completed on Apr. 9.

"The MRPAT fielded equipment on the FOB during bad weather," said Maj. Erin L. Harkins, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, brigade logistics support team chief. "Some equipment was missing the basic issue items, but we went to the 401st and they got the items to the FOB."

Support for TF Devil Hammer didn't end with fielding the equipment.

Harkins said the 1/82 has four logistics assistance representatives who are 'awesome'. She said they are living in austere conditions, but all have great attitudes and support the Soldiers of 1/82 in any way possible.

"We're a short deployment and our focus in on taking care of the equipment to Army standards and then turn it over to another unit or back to the 401st," she said.

Harkins also noted the support to the 1/82 Soldiers provided by the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program contractors who work in the dining facility.

"Good food and the really friendly staff in the DFAC who are constantly making improvements are a big morale boost," she said.