Washington D.C. (May 16, 2012) - Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Donald Rutherford, 23rd Army Chief of Chaplains, delivered the invocation for the Medal of Honor ceremony honoring Spc. 4 Leslie H. Sabo.

Almighty God, The heavens tell of your glory, and the expanse declares the work of your hands. We come humbly before you, the creator and sovereign ruler of all the nations of this earth -- and ask your presence with us. Out of an immigrant family you called a son to serve and to give his life for his country and for his fellow Soldiers. In your likeness, Leslie Sabo gave his life for his friends.

We thank you for the millions of Americans who, like Leslie, have not faltered at duty's call. We remember especially those who gave their last full measure. We remember, too, their families left behind to grieve their loss and cherish their memory. Thank you in particular for those who served so steadfastly in Vietnam so long ago.

May your grace uphold Rose Mary. Grant her your comfort. We ask you grant your peace to George and his family.

We ask now your blessing upon all of our service men and women at home and abroad as they support and defend our Constitution. Grant presence and guidance to those who lead our nation. May America ever shine as a beacon of freedom and justice.

And may we always remember our heroes like Leslie Sabo, proven in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved. Bestow upon us now your holy presence in this special place and at this sacred moment.

We ask this and pray in your holy name, Amen