We are responsible for development and oversight of Department of the Army acquisition policies and life-cycle logistics policies and procedures for materiel development and total life-cycle management of weapon and support systems. We direct, formulate and guide execution of Army acquisition, life-cycle logistics, industrial base and industrial base cyber security policies for an Army acquisition program portfolio that exceeds $50 billion annually.

We continue to develop and refine policies and procedures for all phases for systems acquisition and life-cycle logistics that align with DOD policies and Army requirements. Over the past year, we have partnered with the G-4 and made significant progress toward the Army goal for a common logistics operating environment (CLOE) that will improve mission readiness, reduce the logistics footprint and reduce life-cycle cost. We have developed and integrated Item Unique Identification and Condition Based Maintenance Plus policies as key enablers to CLOE and DOD goals for net-centricity across the Army Integrated Logistics Architecture. We continue to develop and update Army policies, processes and tools to improve implementation of performance-based logistics strategies and type classification and materiel release policies and procedures. We have ensured logistics support requirements for emerging materiel and systems were adequately defined, developed, resourced and implemented through our review and commentary of requirement and programmatic documents, participation in teaming efforts to define and develop support strategies and general oversight on behalf of the ASA(ALT). We will continue our focus on development and implementation of robust supportability strategies that reflect our integrated logistics support policies to ensure programs are postured for success. We completed three Lean Six Sigma (LSS) projects