What we do:
Oversee and implement acquisition policy for aviation, missile, ground combat, intelligence/electronic warfare, and special operations force Acquisition programs. Provide the Army's leadership and materiel developers with the necessary engineering/architectural counsel to manage and shape the Army's materiel capability portfolios; to ensure rigor and discipline exists across the acquisition, logistics and technology community throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

Our focus:
• Work closely with key stakeholders to provide our soldiers "What they need, when they need it".
• Advise the Army Acquisition Executive of more than 650 acquisition programs designed to meet joint and service requirements.
• Provide guidance, assistance, and direction to strengthen the link between the Army acquisition executive and program executive officers.
• Support development and implementation of the Army's modernization strategy.
• Leverage lessons learned from soldiers in the current fight to improve and enhance Warfighting capabilities; conduct technical trades to gain efficiencies and shape Army investments.
• Conduct program reviews to ensure compliance with programmatic and statutory guidelines.
• Create an environment that empowers the Acquisition Community through an unsurpassed agile, collaborative, productive, lean, and trusted information enterprise.
• Promote education and personnel development model to cultivate the Systems of Systems engineering capability across the ASA(ALT)/Army.
• Work closely with key stakeholders to ensure our soldiers maintain a decisive advantage over any enemy they face… "We never want to send our soldiers into a fair fight".