FORT EUSTIS, Va. (April 16, 2012) -- Experts from inside and outside the Army will meet April 17-20, to discuss how the Army can use the "Human Dimension" concept to better understand how it recruits, trains, develops, and retains the best personnel for the future Army.

This U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command workshop, held at Fort Bragg, N.C., is part of the Army chief of staff's Unified Quest 2012 program and is designed to examine issues critical to the current and future force.

The Human Dimension concept is about developing future Soldiers and Army civilians cognitively, physically and morally -- the major components of the concept. It looks at developing mental strength, holistic fitness and better cultural and social awareness in ways that improve performance and increase resilience. The concept also incorporates and contributes to other Army-wide efforts so the Army makes the best resource decisions in enhancing Soldiers and Army civilians.

"This workshop kicks off our revision of the Human Dimension concept. Doing this within the Unified Quest series of events is a real plus," said Col. Steve Chandler, chief of the Human Dimension Task Force. "How the Army develops future Soldiers and civilians is a critical part of the 'campaign of learning' focused on the future of our Army."

In 2008, TRADOC's Army Capabilities Integration Center formed the "Human Dimension Task Force" to integrate Human Dimension capabilities, programs and activities across the Army. The goal of the task force is to anticipate the demands of an increasingly uncertain future, to advocate for Soldier development and to promote the health of the all-volunteer force. Participants in the workshop come from a cross section of the Army, academia and think tanks.

They will evaluate Army policies designed to recruit and retain a high-quality force for 2020. Participants will also look at how the Army can include training, education and leader development as ways to develop or encourage critical thinking and adaptability in the troops.

"The timing for this workshop is ideal," said Lt. Gen. Keith Walker, ARCIC director. "It comes while the Army is developing its findings from the Army Profession Campaign, analyzing what it must do and how it will fight as the Army of 2020, and looking ahead to a comprehensive review of the Human Dimension Concept. The workshop offers the Army an opportunity to lash together a multitude of ideas and efforts aimed at Soldier and civilian development."

Workshop participants will present their findings and recommendations to Army senior leaders and key stakeholders from across the community. The workshop will help the Army develop a common understanding of the Human Dimension and establish the links among programs such as the Army Profession Campaign, Army Leader Development, the Army of 2020 and Comprehensive Soldier Fitness.