YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - A U.S Army noncommissioned officer induction ceremony was conducted here on Yongsan Garrison April 10.

Ten Eighth Army Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion NCOs participated in the ceremony, which served to honor the memory of those NCO officers who have served with pride and distinction.

Eighth Army Wightman NCO Academy Commandant Command Sgt. Maj. William C. Baker was the guest speaker.

Baker challenged the inductees to pursue excellence in everything and to be a good example.

"As you make this transition into the NCO Corps, your continuous reach for excellence in yourself and in your Soldiers is expected," said Baker. "Our Army is looking for the best qualified and capable leaders to lead our Soldiers in the future."

Baker said leadership and professionalism are words that describe the noncommissioned officer.

"Failure and success depends on how well the team is trained," Baker said. "You are the one who teach individual collective training, develop unit cohesive, foster values, loyalty and commitment and build spirit and confidence. Your job is tough and demanding but also very rewarding."

Sgt. Willie Nero, one of inductees, agreed with Baker's words. Nero, currently working as a cook in Honors Cafe Dining Facility, started out his service six years ago. He has been waiting for this ceremony and believes this moment shows the reward for his effort and hard work.

Nero said he plans to be a good example for his Soldiers and to take care of them at the same time.

Nero also gave Soldiers advice for how to advance into the NCO ranks.

"For the Soldiers, advance and move up," said Nero. "Learn earlier. Separate from the standards and strive for extra responsibility. Volunteer for the things that nobody does. It will help you to know what your job truly is."