ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - A tune-up of the garrison's Interactive Customer Evaluation
program is expected to result in better customer service and greater feedback.

"We have been collecting an average number of ICE responses for an installation this size, but with a few adjustments, I think we can improve services even more and give service providers
a better snapshot of what customers feel," said Thomas Johnson, ICE administrator and Plans, Analysis and Integration Office plans specialist.

ICE allows DOD customers worldwide to rate products and services provided by facilities and offices. At APG, customers can comment, ask questions, offer suggestions and provide feedback online, at one of several electronic kiosks located on post or on a paper form at one of several ballot boxes.

Johnson said an ICE kiosk will be installed at Tim Horton's in Bldg. 6002 at the C4ISR complex, where approximately 7,000 are employed. He's also banking on newly created social media accounts to boost customer participation.

Since March 1, Johnson has been posting anonymous comments, tips and information updates to Twitter and Facebook.

"With the comments, I also post the responses because it's important for people to see that feedback really causes change. Things really happen at APG," said Johnson.

To illustrate his point, he noted a recent ICE comment that complained about the lack of police patrols in housing. The issue was forwarded to the installation's Directorate of Emergency Services for a response.

"Patrols increased shortly thereafter," said Johnson. "We received another comment about handicapped parking. Within three days, more handicapped parking spaces were painted at the athletic center and Bldg. 320."

Other recent improvements include improved roads and pathways for biking, air conditioning installation and an engineer study that resulted in revised timing on stop lights along Aberdeen

"And that's just some of the improvement made over the last year due to customer feedback," he said.

Johnson admitted that while every issue cannot be resolved, every issue will receive a response from the appropriate agency.

"This is a completely anonymous program, but if customers do choose to leave their contact information, we can provide a quick, personal response," he said. "Leaving a name and number
also allows us to get more info from the respondent or clarify details to get the best answer possible."

Currently about 10 percent of respondents leave contact information. APG receives approximately 1,500 ICE comments annually, about 48 a week. A copy of each comment is automatically and immediately forwarded to the garrison commander, deputy commander, command sergeant major and to the appropriate agency contact, who is then responsible for providing a response within 72 hours.

Kiosks are located in the APG North athletic center, at the APG North and South recreation centers, Swan Creek Inn, Bldg. 4305 (CAC/ID card facility), bowling center, Hoyle Gym. Three
additional kiosks are awaiting hookup at ACS Bldg. 2503 CDR Bldg. 2184 and the fitness center Bldg. 320.

Johnson said customers can leave compliments for a job-well-done and other positive input. He urged customers to mark the box that asks if you are satisfied with the overall service because it
allows him to collect data and find out if the customer needs are being met.