FORT LEE, Va. -- Combined Arms Support Command personnel paid tribute to President John Tyler, our nation's 10th president, in a traditional wreath-laying ceremony held at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va., on March 29. Family members of President Tyler were in attendance and listened as Brig. Gen. Stephen E. Farmen, Chief of Transportation and Transportation School commandant, delivered remarks on behalf of President Barrack Obama.

"What is it that causes us to gather here each year in President Tyler's honor? The mosaic of American history comprises those who gave selflessly of themselves for the benefit of this country," Farmen said. "We can't allow ourselves to forget their deeds, for our history provides a glimpse of what the future may hold."

To pay homage to the nation's leaders, ceremonies like this are held annually at the gravesite of each of the former presidents on their birthday. Tyler was born March 29, 1790, in Charles City County, Va. He served as governor of Virginia twice and was the first vice president to succeed as president upon the death of William Henry Harrison in 1841.