HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, HAWAII--Key leaders from the Japan Air Self Defense Force visited the 5th Battlefield Coordination Detachment March 12, 2012 on Hickam Air Force base.

Col Takayuki Terasaki and Col. Osamu "SAM" Uemori were the highest ranking members of JASDF to participate in the visit with 5th BCD.

"The purpose of JASDF's visit was to build a better working relationship with them," said MSG Charles W. Lightner II, a fire support specialist and ground liaison for 5th BCD, who hails from Detroit, MI.

We held discussions on air to ground integration and how the Army and Air Force can work together more effectively, said LTC Curby Scarborough, a plans officer for 5th BCD and a Honolulu, Hawaii native.

"My role in preparing for JASDF's visit was coordinating support from the public affairs office and guest visitors, briefing the visitors and finding out what attractions the guests would like to see while visiting," said Lightner. "It is very important to have visits like these so that we can build a stronger coalition and work together more efficiently."

The 5th BCD overall mission is to establish Army Force liaison at the Joint Air Operation Center to provide the critical and continuous coordination between the air and ground component Commander. The Soldiers of the 5th BCD are the integrators of air power for the United States Army of the Pacific.