Non line of sight launcher passes logistics test
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The Non Line of Sight-Launch System Logistics Directorate has conducted a successful logistics demonstration of the Container Launch Unit with Soldiers from the Army Evaluation Task Force Fires Battalion at Fort Bliss, Texas.

The task force serves as the test unit for the Future Combat System. NLOS-LS is one of 16 core systems that make up Future Combat System, the Army's leading modernization program to develop manned and unmanned systems linked by a common network and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

NLOS-LS consists of a highly deployable, platform-independent container launch unit with self-contained tactical fire control electronics and software for remote and unmanned operations. Each container launch unit will consist of a computer and communications system and 15 precision attack missiles.

NLOS-LS will provide brigade combat teams with a networked, extended-range, precision attack capability against stationary and moving targets during all-weather conditions.

Of particular note, NLOS-LS has the ability to target and hit moving targets in conjunction with forward observer systems. This brings a new level of capability to the Army. Additionally, NLOS-LS has capability with current radio waveforms, as well as developing Future Combat System waveforms. This capability ensures the system's responsiveness to current and future force indirect fire needs.

In preparation for the logistics demonstration, Military Occupational Specialty 13 B New Equipment Training was conducted to outline the tasks and procedures used to configure, operate, reload, transport and maintain the container launch unit. Instruction used Class III Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals along with a paper supplement of the operator's manual.

During the demonstration, all tasks were evaluated in terms of manpower personnel integration, along with determining the adequacy of training and technical publications. Several maintenance and transportation tasks were conducted using Category IV Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear.

The logistics demonstration was a major project success as a result of the combined effort of all team members.

NLOS-LS is being developed by the Net Fires LLC, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Raytheon for the Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space by way of the NLOS-LS Project Office.