CAMP EAGLE, South Korea- Two Soldiers rendered life-saving aid at the scene of an accident Jan. 11. Staff Sgt. Kimberly Veal and Pfc. Bradley Herron were traveling back to base when they saw the aftermath of a car accident near their exit.

"We observed a car that was turned up on its side and partially wrapped around a pole," Veal said. "I told the driver (Herron) to pull over and he immediately jumped out of the vehicle."

While Veal called the Emergency Operation Center, Herron rushed to the car to render first aid.

"The car was still running so Herron was trying to find a way to cut the vehicle off, but he couldn't get to the keys," Veal said.

She added that she attempted to turn the engine off herself because she had smaller arms.

The Soldiers then proceeded to try to rip off the windshield and assess the victims and their injuries, keeping them calm while they tried to open doors or windows.

Once they were able to look through that door, they saw a fourth victim. Veal said the fourth victim was "alert, and he seemed to have little injuries that we could see."

They tried to keep the victims calm until emergency personnel arrived on the scene. Veal said that she had taken the Combat Lifesaver Course training, which helped her react in a professional and efficient manner.

Veal and Herron were both awarded Army Commendation Medals for their actions.