It wasn't a normal morning for brigade S-1 as Sgt. Oh, Chang Min stepped out of the office and into the board room. Wearing his freshly pressed Army Combat Uniform and armed with sharpened knowledge, he competed against his peers for the opportunity to take top honors.

Hard work and determination paid off for Oh, of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade as he won the 8th Army Gen. Paik, Sun Yup Leadership award for 1st Quarter FY 2008.

"With all of the things I had to do, it only seemed like two months that I was actually able to study, and I was so nervous at the board because there were five others and they were all outstanding," Oh said about first learning of the board in August of last year.

The board, in addition to a near six month long preparation process, tests not only ones' appearance, but also their knowledge in topics such as current events and Army regulations.

The Gen. Paik, Sun Yup Leadership award is awarded up to four times a year to Soldiers who demonstrate excellence in leadership, Army Values, confidence and the Warrior Ethos. The award is modeled after Gen. Paik, Sun Yup, the foremost ROK Army general of the Korean War.

"My friend had won this award at Camp Casey and told me to study for it," Oh said.

This was just one of Oh's many achievements. Oh won the KATUSA of the Quarter for third quarter 2007 and is completing his third year at Yonsei University where he is studying business administration.

He was also still able to place his obligations to brigade S-1 by taking care of Soldiers who wanted to extend their commitment in Korea, or enact a Foreign Service Tour Extension (in which Soldiers can extend their stay up to 40 days) and participated in many field exercises and events.

"My job is very demanding, but I feel as though I complete it in a timely manner," Oh said.

Oh also completed an essay for the board centered his on personal courage stating:

"I believe that courage is not only required to the Soldiers in war, but Soldiers in a regular routine. Courage is the source of power that enables Soldiers to take positive action in accordance with the value that they feel is right."

Oh said he was very pleased to win the award and stated that to him the award represented his hard work and determination and brings him one step closer to completing his life's goals. "My

Family was very happy and proud of me when I got the chance to tell them," Oh said.

Oh offered tips for others Soldier preparing to attend a board:

"I would recommend that Soldiers who intend on attending a board be confident and motivated," Oh said. They should also be up-to-date on current events and know the Warrior Ethos and KATUSA Creed."

The award ceremony was held Jan. 23rd in Yongsan.