FORT STEWART, Ga. - A new year can mean a fresh start; a renewed hope and a list of resolutions that you vow to keep in the coming months.

A quick check of the synonyms of the word resolution included these words: declaration, determination, ambition and intention.

I believe it takes ALL of those to be successful in any task you choose to attempt, including your new year's fitness resolutions.

As a physical therapist, my focus is to help Soldiers return to a level of fitness and function that enables them to achieve their specific mission. Does a patient's success in physical therapy require declaration, determination, ambition, and intention? You bet! To this list, I would also add self-discipline, since success in any goal we set for ourselves will require both sacrifice and the discipline to forge ahead when the going gets tough.

All of us have probably witnessed the success of someone who has courageously overcome all obstacles to achieve a goal they set for themselves.

I was fortunate to observe such a winner on New Year's Eve at the Alive in Savannah event, held at the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort. I was the crew leader for the water station and was witness to several participants in the 5K and 10K who were there with their end-of year goals in mind, determined to be successful on the last day of 2011.

One young lady had resolved in 2011 to walk 1011 miles. Her goal that night was to finish the 10K. She was determined to not let anything get in her way. She was the very last person to complete the course, and did so after darkness had already fallen, and only a few were standing near the finish line to watch her achieve victory--1012 miles for the year--exceeding her goal by one mile.

This young lady is an inspiration for all, since sometimes our goals are achieved without any fanfare or without many witnesses. There is at times, only the personal satisfaction of setting and achieving our resolutions. The important thing to realize is how important it is to create a vision and to set realistic goals and then develop a solid plan to help us reach those goals.

Will 2012 be the year that you not only set winning resolutions for yourself, but you also 'cross the finish line' of success?

What is on your resolution list for 2012? Completing a marathon? Excelling at a successful strength and conditioning Cross Fit workout? Losing weight to meet personal and professional standards? Improving your 2 mile time?

As you review the list of your new year's resolutions for 2012, commit to saying them aloud daily with victory already in mind. Vow to make a difference in your level of fitness, and determine to be an inspiration to others.

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