POTOMAC, Md. (Jan. 9, 2012) -- More than 90 subject matter experts, military experts and concept developers will meet Jan. 9-12 in Potomac, Md., to determine how the Army of 2020 will fight as part of a joint force.

The Unified Quest "How the Army Fights" seminar, which began today, brings together subject matter experts from across the Army and other government and civilian agencies, including individuals from the operating and the generating force as well as academia, think tanks and foreign liaison officers, to establish how the Army of 2020 will organize and employ its forces to provide depth and versatility to the joint force.

This seminar is part of the Army chief of staff's future study plan called Unified Quest and is a key component of the Army's Campaign of Learning. Unified Quest is an annual series of workshops, seminars, wargames and symposia designed to identify the challenges and opportunities that will test the future force.

The "How the Army Fights" seminar is a key event to inform revision of the Army of 2020 operational construct and the Army Operating Concept. This seminar builds on the previous events from the Unified Quest 2012 study plan. The first event, the Alternative Futures Symposium, identified plausible futures impacting the Army.

The Army Profession Junior Leader Forum focused on building the leaders of tomorrow. In December, the "What the Army Must Do" seminar provided senior Army leaders with recommendations on what the Army will need to do in 2020. After three days of discussions, the results of the seminar will be briefed Jan. 12 to senior Army leaders from the Department of the Army, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, the Army Capabilities Integration Center and centers of excellence.

Participants will provide insights and recommendations for the Army of 2020 operational construct and beyond and how it conducts operations in support of combatant commanders as part of the joint force. In addition, the seminar will help validate Army of 2020 ideas across the Army Concept Framework.

Ideas and recommendations generated during Unified Quest events will be put to the test during the Army Future Game in June 2012. At the end of the Unified Quest 2012 events, senior Army leaders will be able to make informed decisions on how to drive change in the Army of 2020.