FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- With the new year come great expectations, anticipation and challenges. We put so much pressure on ourselves to fix our behavior from the previous year. January is a starting point to make our goals a reality.

If you were an exerciser who fell off the exercise wagon, have no fear. One of the best concepts has been the do-over. If you really take a look at it, we are given the opportunity to "do over" on a pretty regular basis.

For example, there are 24 hours before we get a new day; each Sunday gives us a new week, each 30 days (for the most part) gives us a new month and each 365 days gives us a new year. Every time you turn around, we are getting another chance to start over and get it right.

That is good news.

Right now, there is a huge selection of health clubs and gyms. Membership specials and equipment deals are flooding the commercials, papers and Internet. Everyone wants to help you and capitalize on your do-over. Although you might be frustrated with your current lack of physical fitness, it is important to still take things slow.

Don't rush out and purchase expensive equipment because of the testimonials you heard on an infomercial. Be a savvy shopper and maybe take advantage of some free trial offers locally. If you already enjoyed working out in groups, go back to exercise classes. The camaraderie you remember and the support you received during class are still there. Classes continued and acquaintances made are ready to welcome you back.

If you preferred working out at home (due to your busy schedule), recognize what pulled you away from your home exercise routine in the first place. It takes a certain level of discipline to exercise at home. For many of us, once we get home, it becomes so challenging to carve out 60 minutes to exercise our bodies.

Even though working out at home can be more convenient, if you find yourself always putting it off, then that is not convenient for you. Being able to create your home gym is great. Being able to work in it is the ultimate. When you determine what kept getting in the way of your time to exercise, look for alternatives so that you can still work out in the comforts of your home. Home workouts can take a bit of juggling, but can be a real joy when managed and honored properly.

Finally, if you are headed to the gym, meet with someone from the gym staff if possible and let him or her show you how things work. Possibly develop a beginner exercise routine. Trainers are also available and make a great gift to yourself for your health.

Take a moment and check out the many programs and classes here that are designed to inspire and motivate. The post's annual 90-day fitness challenge started the first day of the year. Your only requirement is to be an active member in the aerobics program.

If you are not a member, all you need to do is to stop at the front desk of the Solomon Center and sign up. Next, contact the fitness department to officially sign up. This program is great because it not only targets exercise, but it targets wellness. It comes complete with support and educational programs to help ensure your success.

No matter which route you take, develop a routine and do your best not to break it. If twice a week is all that you can do, the consistency of that will still pay off. Inconsistency is what hurts us. Make the decision to get up and get going.

It is time for your do-over.