The solar PV system will help the installation achieve 10.8 percent solar PV renewable energy by the end of FY12, up from the current .5 percent. The government-mandated percentage of renewable energy is 7.5 percent by FY13.

The main component of this Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) project is a third-party owned 4.465 megawatt solar photovoltaic system that will provide the Army with approximately 10,000 solar renewable energy credits annually. This is the largest solar photovoltaic system throughout the entire Army.

The PV system is in excess of 4.5MW qualifying for the 30 percent federal cash grant ($4.8 million) for renewable energy installations encompassing a solar ground mount tracking and carport systems.

"It took the whole Army team -- Huntsville Center, White Sands Missile Range Garrison, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army and Installation Management Command -- to make it possible," said Lawrence Norton, branch chief of Huntsville Center's Energy Division. "We hope to see more of these type of ESPC projects in the future."

ESPC is a partnership between the Army and an energy service company. In consultation with the federal government, the energy services company provides capital and expertise to make comprehensive energy and water efficiency improvements on facilities or implements new renewable energy capability and maintains them in exchange for a portion of the generated savings.

This project supports President Barack Obama's directive that federal agencies use ESPC to make $2 billion worth of energy efficiency upgrades over the next two years, as well as supporting the Army's renewable energy goals.

"This project implements a solar photovoltaic array system that will offset White Sands Missile Range's energy requirements, improve facilities and operations, demonstrate Army engineering and technology capabilities and align with the Army's Energy Security and NetZero objectives," said Judy Marks, President and CEO of Siemens Government Technologies, Inc.

White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) is a Test and Evaluation Command Installation operated primarily for the support of research, development, test and evaluation of weapon and space systems, subsystems and components. WSMR is a missile range/rocket launch range and is one of the largest military installations in the U.S. with 3,200 square miles. WSMR is unique in the fact that it has several agencies on site as tenants including NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, executes Army programs and specialized missions worldwide that require unique technical expertise, large acquisitions and centralized program management. Huntsville's involvement in the Army's energy program began in the early 1980s with the program management and technical oversight for the Energy Engineering Analysis Program. The Center continued to gain energy experience through the development and award of the Department of Defense's first shared energy savings contract.
The Huntsville Center continues to provide unique energy solutions for third party contracting, Energy Savings Performance Contracting, Demand Side Management, utility privatization, Energy Conservation Investment Program, Utility Monitoring and Control Systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning, energy assessments and energy planning.
Huntsville's energy team has been recognized for outstanding achievements with multiple federal energy and water management awards, Vice Presidential Hammer awards and USACE project delivery awards.

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